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21 April 2013 @ 04:14 pm
Forty-first Week  
[It looks like Dr. F is about to come on again. Frank is looking awfully serious business, too.]

Dr. F: So apparently all of our countermeasures have turned out to be duds. Wellllll, that’s just FINE! This gives me a great opportunity to tell you all what I really think of your silly humorous responses. I think it’ll go

[All of a sudden, there’s a load of static and the feed is interrupted. Once again, it is interrupted by Joel. He looks like he’s in the cockpit of his homemade spaceship.]

Joel: Okay, I finally got everything working again, and I’m comin’ on up to the ol’ Satellite of Love! So just sit tight, and Gypsy, make sure you’ve got the launch deck workin’ in a couple of days or so! And whatever you do, stop touching the Twin-Screw Universal Controller! There’s no telling what’ll happen if it keeps malfunctioning!

Okay, I think that’s it for now. Peace out, everyone!

[The feed returns to static, and then back to Dr. F and Frank’s faces staring up into the camera.]

Dr. F: --And that’s why she found the kangaroo in the shower!

Frank: Gosh, I never knew that! It all makes sense now!

Dr. F: Of course it does, Frank. And that’s why your experiment this week will be yet ANOTHER chapter of Atlanta Nights...the worst of them all!

Frank: See you all in...Kangaroo Court!




You’ve just got a little bit more time left before Joel finally manages to make it to the SOL! You can use this time to do anything you like, but completing the experiment given is obviously a must-do. Also most important: surviving whatever the Twin-Screw Universal Controller may throw at you next!

Your experiment this week is chapter twelve of Atlanta Nights. There may also be an encore of Atlanta Nights or some other chapter in the week as well. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Harvey Finevoice
Sam the Eagle

Current SOL morale is:

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07 April 2013 @ 08:34 pm
Fourtieth Week  
[Dr. F actually seems pretty pleased this week. He’s got a big pile of notes in his lap and is humming some made-up tune to himself. He notices the camera is on and finally looks up at it.]

Dr. F: Oh, are you all still breathing? Color me surprised! You see, I don’t even care anymore that Joel’s trying to get himself up to the Satellite! You wanna know why? No? DON’T CARE, I’ll spill anyway: because you’re already going insane from that little doohickey you keep messing with! By this point, a new experiment will just push you all over the edge! So go on ahead and do whatever it is you think you’re accomplishing...soon I’LL have the data and the experiment to finally TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

[Frank wanders in, petting Mr. Snuggles]

Frank: I thought it was ‘cause you couldn’t get any of those countermeasures to work and wanted to watch a bunch of Blue’s Clues.

[Dr. F slooooowly looks up from his notes.]

Dr. F: And your experiment this week is a very rotten chapter of Truly, Madly, Viking! I think I’ll go rub Frank’s face in it!

Frank: Ohhhhhhh deeeeeeeeeaaarrr!

[And Frank exits left, pursued by a Dr. Forrester.]



Joel has gotten his makeshift ship up and running! Launch day is in just a few days, and he’ll be on his way up to the SOL. Barring no unforseen problems, Joel should be able to rescue everyone on the ship soon.

The question is, can everyone hold out until then? The Twin-Screw Universal Controller is still on the bridge, still able to make anything happen! You may get something really helpful...or something even worse than what’s gone on thusfar!

Your experiment this week is chapter 8 of Truly, Madly, Viking. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

90s Kid

Current SOL morale is:

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23 March 2013 @ 05:35 pm
Thirty-ninth Week  
[Dr. F looks like he’s in the middle of something: mostly, in the middle of throwing a ton of junk out the front door. There’s all manner of contraptions and machines mixed up in the trash he’s throwing out. Frank wanders by.]

Frank: Heya Dr. F, watcha dooooin’?

Dr. F: I’m--[He grunts, throwing out something particularly heavy]--getting rid of all this crud that you invented while you were nuts!

Frank: Oh, well that’s...heeeeeey! Those are my weird inventions!

Dr. F: And yeah, if they haven’t been useless, they’ve been nothing but trouble!

Frank: [whining] But I maaaade those!

Dr. F: It’s spring cleaning, Frank! Everything’s gotta go!

Frank: Oh, okay then!

Dr. F: It looks like you guys up there could stand to use some spring cleaning, too...for your MINDS! Take a big heaping sweeping of Modelland and clear out all that sanity cluttering up your heads, won’t you? Thank you!



The Twin-Screw Universal Controller is still available to use! In the meanwhile, Joel is still getting the parts together to get his ship up to the SOL. He’s close to fixing his engine! Can the SOL hold out until then?

Well, you can continue to find out! Your experiment this week is chapter 9 of Modelland, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Zidane Tribal
Minako Aino

Current SOL morale is:

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10 March 2013 @ 07:55 pm
Thirty-eighth Week  
[After that long instant of explosion-sounding noises and annoying flashing lights, the screen changes to show Dr. F and Frank again...but this time, they’re back in Deep 13, in all of their normal mad scientist attire. They look a little bit confused at first, but that doesn’t last too long, and they’re back to their mad personas.]

Frank: Well that was one weeeeird mama-jamma, whatever it was.

Dr. F: It’s annoying is what it was! I’m trying to run an experiment here and you bozos have to go and send us universe-hopping! What does this look like to you, Stargate?! Well, I hope you’ve all learned something from this little jaunt through future...evil...Jurassic Park...of the Apes...reloaded!

Frank: Never try to deep-fry a snowball?

Dr. F: D’oooohhhh FRAAANK! Just! Go get an experiment ready! We’re way behind schedule as it is.

Frank: Yes, Your Saltiness. [He heads offscreen, is gone for a little while...and then slides back in.] Uh, which one?

Dr. F: The worst one of course!

Frank: Right. Eye of Argon it is, then.



After way too much universe-hopping, the SOL has at last returned to its rightful universe! Everyone that was stuck in Deep 13 in the Mirrorverse has been returned back to the Satellite and their normal selves, and the Mads have gone back to living in Deep 13. Your characters may still have some residual memories of their Mirrorverse’s up to you whether or not they actually remember what happened in the Mirror Universe! If they do, however, getting back to normal may take a little time and adjustment.

Luckily, the Satellite decides not to throw any major changes at characters this week. Or at doesn’t directly throw anything at them...

Your experiment this week is Chapter seven of The Eye of Argon, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Pinkie Pie

Current SOL morale is:

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17 February 2013 @ 07:08 pm
Thirty-seventh Week  
[The Mads come back onscreen...they still don’t look too threatening, and if anything, are in okay spirits despite the fact that the morale up there is horrendous.]

Dr. F: Gosh, thanks for not sending us an experiment this past week! It was real nice to have a break!

Frank: Although that thing we found in the towel dispenser was...pretty gross...

Dr. F: But at least we had the time to clean it up and say hello to some of these strange new folk!

Frank: And since I had some extra time to reorganize my closer, lookit what I found!

[Frank holds up a strange looks like a metal toaster, except with two large toggles sticking out of it. It is, in fact, the Twin-Screw Universal Controller!]

Frank: I wonder what this thing does?

Dr. F: Now Frank, you don’t want to go messing with things like that! You don’t know what’ll happen!

Frank: Ohhhh, okay. [He puts it back beneath the desk again.]

Dr. F: We don’t want them to remember to give us another experiment, do we?

Frank: Noooooo.



Your characters are still stuck in the Mirror Verse, and morale is still not fairing well at all. Your characters still have the option to inflict an experiment on the Mads - or on each other! Just ask the mods if you’d like to give it a try. In the meanwhile, it’s still a matter of avoiding the mirrored characters and coming up with a plan with those still normal to figure out a way to escape this universe, and that is getting tougher all the time. Gypsy may call together a secret meeting so that plans can be devised, so keep an eye out for that in the future.

Also, it seems like the Mads in this universe have been able to find the long-hidden Twin-Screw Universal Controller! Perhaps non-mirrored (or SOL) characters can inquire as to where they found it, which can help them out hopefully sooner rather than later...

Current SOL morale is:

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04 February 2013 @ 07:23 pm
Thirty-sixth Week  
[Dr. F and Frank appear on the screen...and phew, they both look like their normal selves rather than the crazy alternate future Emperor Forrester. But wait...]

[The area behind them looks familiar, but in all the wrong ways. It looks like the bridge area of the Satellite of Love! The Mads have somehow ended up on the SOL instead...]

Dr. F: Ohhh, it’s you sillies again! What experiment are you gonna inflict on us this time?

Frank: Awww, I’m sure it’ll be super-duper fun, whatever it is! Right, Mr. Snuggles?

[From below, there’s the sound of a puppy barking.]



The SOL's journey through the space/time portal has now landed it in a new dimension. However, this may be the worst area they’ve encountered yet!

The Shadowverse!

Characters may also understand this place as the Mirrorverse! The Shadowverse is the origin of the dark spectres...or rather, the very act of your characters arriving here created the dark spectres that showed up in the normal universe much earlier. Upon arrival in this dimension, all characters immediately switch places. This means that ALL characters on board the SOL are now in Deep 13, and all Deep 13 characters are now on the SOL instead. If any new characters are apped into the game while in the Shadowverse, they will still wind up on the SOL, and will retain their normal personalities.

Also, characters in both Deep 13 and the SOL now may or may not have taken on the opposite personality of their Shadowverse selves! This means that if your character is normally friendly, cheerful and kind, they could now be snide, cruel and heartless. If your character gets affected by the Shadowverse, they will behave like the exact opposite of themselves, and may even have their wardrobe or physical appearance changed. It is entirely up to you whether your characters remain as they normally are, or if they're now their mirror-self! But if your characters stay normal, be warned...people you once considered friends may not take so kindly to you if they think you'd oppose their evil plans! Things have now become much more complicated for your characters.

Worst of all, once arriving in the Shadowverse, morale points instantly inversed! The SOL has lost all gained Achievements. The following Failures have instead been unlocked:

Food Failure: The food synthesizer now constantly makes mistakes and produces poor food.
Animal Attack: Very few animals appear on nature deck, and those that do appear are hostile to visitors.
Troublesome Toms: All the Tom Servos on the Tom Servo deck refuse to obey characters and will sabotage some activity efforts.
Launch Deck Closedown: Subpods and spacesuits will fail to function; therefore, the launch deck is now unusable.
Room downgrade: All rooms instantly downgrade to lowest level. There are no luxury accomodations to be found.
Media Closedown: The theatrical and media decks have become unusable. The nature deck now also produces no animals and few plants.

And current SOL morale is:


Since the SOL has lost the ability to travel between dimensions, all of your characters are now stuck in the Shadowverse until characters both on the SOL and in Deep 13 can find a way to get it working again and have them escape! Be forewarned, though...if mirrored characters do too much to lower morale, they may end up causing the downfall of the SOL themselves! Just for reference, both Mike and Crow have been mirrored, but Gypsy and Tom Servo remain as their normal selves. Cambot, of course, will record either way.

While you can OOCly set up experiments for your characters to try and view, since every character is now stuck in Deep 13, they are not required to do them, and thus there is no experiment this week. Mirrored characters may decide to inflict experiments on their friends, however! Feel free to plot with fellow players or the mod if you’d like to try an experiment while in the Shadowverse. It’s up to you to escape this dimension and get your friends back, or else be stuck in the Shadowverse!
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13 January 2013 @ 08:26 pm
Thirty-fifth Week  
[Dr. F is still grumping about in Deep 13, since his alternate future self has taken over the world and he hasn’t.]

Dr. F: Well this is just perfect cheese and crackers! Still stuck underground on a world that I can’t take over, because I beat me to it! Meanwhile, other me gets to sit up on his big fancy-looking throne happy as a clam!

[Speak of the devil: the Emperor Forrester shows up on the screen, looking just as unhappy as the real Dr. Forrester. Captain Salt Lake is right by him, equally annoyed.]

Alternate Dr. F: I don’t know what all of your alternate past test subjects are doing up there, but their riffings are un-de-evolving the human race! There’s going to be an uprising around here if you guys don’t stop!

Salt Lake: Don’t make me come up there!

Alternate Dr. F: If you guys don’t cut that out right now, there’s going to be consequences, I guarantee it!

[He vanishes from the viewscreen. The real Dr. F gets a sneaky look on his face.]

Dr. F: Okay, for once, I’m just gonna say KEEP DOING WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING! Stick it to me and all! Your experiment this week is another completely confusing conundrum of continuity called The Thirteenth! Now make it funny, circus clowns!



The Satellite has decided to make things awfully pleasant this week...maybe a bit too pleasant. Characters will wake up to discover that everything now looks black and white. What’s more, their usual wardrobes have been replaced by very 50s-looking clothes, with skirts and blouses for the girls and dress shirts and pants for the guys. The cafeteria deck has turned into a malt shop, serving mostly hamburgers and shakes. The satellite in general has become awfully squeaky-clean.

While it may seem very pleasant right now, it may not stay as such as the week goes on...

What’s more, it looks like some stuff may be brewing down on earth below...characters may want to stay on the lookout, and see about getting out of this dimension if needed!

Your experiment this week is chapter 4 of The Thirteenth. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Pinkie Pie

Current SOL morale is:

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29 December 2012 @ 04:45 pm
Thirty-fourth Week  
[The screen comes on, revealing Dr. Forrester...but this is obviously not the same Dr. F that the SOL knows and loves. This good doctor is perched up on a big green throne, looking even more smug than normal. Just then, Captain Salt Lake walks into the throne area, and points at the camera.]

Salt Lake: See?! They just showed up out of nowhere in that big satellite! I told them to scram, and they haven’t yet!

Alternate Dr. F: My old initial test subjects? Well, that IS strange.

[The screen flickers again, and a second window is added in with Dr. F and Frank from the SOL’s normal universe. Deep 13 looks about the same as always for them, although the Mads there appear a bit rattled.]

Frank: Wowie-zowie! What was that all about?

Dr. F: I dunno, Frank...hey, you on the SOL! We were busy trying to kill you when it looked like there was some kind of interdimensional interference. What’s going on up there, anyway?

Alternate Dr. F: Huuuh? Why this looks like the spitting image of a past, failure-oriented me!

Salt Lake: Looks like it.

Frank: Hey Dr. F, looks like we’ve stumbled across an alternate version of you. Neat! ...Say, where’s the alternate me?

Alternate Dr. F: Frank? Oh, he was tragically lost in the great calamity when the Experiment wiped out all human intelligence and civilization on earth.

Salt Lake:

Alternate Dr. F: Okay, I lied. It wasn’t that tragic.

Dr. F: Oh, well that’s....WHAAAT?! You managed to take over the world? [He preens a bit] HA! I knew I could do it!

Alternate Dr. F: Of course I could do it! I’m a genius!

Dr. F: So, tell me! What experiment was it that drove everyone insane, hmmmm?

Alternate Dr. F: Pffff, as if I’ll tell YOU! I’m the rule of the dark alternate future, here! Do your own homework!

Dr. F: What?! But how’m I supposed to take over the world if you won’t tell me how I take over the world?!

Alternate Dr. F: Oh, you think you had it tough, mister? I slaved for a good five years taking over the world! You can very well work just as hard yourself!

Dr. F: This is SO unfair! I can’t believe what a jerk I am! [He comes up closer to the camera and whispers conspiratorially at the Satellite.] Listen, we can’t let this alternate me get the better of me! You guys take another chapter of Modelland and start going insane real quick, okay? And while you’re at it, hurry up and find a way for us to get out of this smelly dimension!



Your characters are still trapped in the alternate that seems to be ruled by a Dr. Forrester that has taken over the world with the worst experiment ever! This experiment was so bad that it reduced humans to an animalistic state, and a race of cloned dinosaurs has taken their place as rulers of the earth.

Your characters can try and get to the bottom of what experiment caused this, or maybe they should just focus on trying to escape this dimension. It doesn’t look like Emperor Forrester and his dinosaur minions are that happy with the SOL’s presence!

Your experiment this week is chapter 7 of Modelland. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Squall Leonhart
Iron Liz

Current SOL morale is:

It's Just A Game Mods
01 December 2012 @ 06:56 pm
Thirty-third Week  
[Ohhh boy. Dr. F. has taken note of the fact that Joel’s ship is slowly heading out to the SOL, and he is not pleased. He’s currently standing over the main computer console with a twisted expression, pressing a bunch of buttons.]

Dr. F: Ohhhh, so you think you can try and escape from ol’ Dr. Forrester, HMMM? And after all I’ve done for you whackadoos! I feed you, clothe you, shoot you into space, and force terrible experiments on you, and how do you thank me? By trying to escape!

Welllll, FIIINE! Just throw out all the goodwill of Granny Forrester! Let’s see how you like this!

[He slams down on a button on the console, and there’s a sound from somewhere outside Deep 13 of a rocket being launched.]

Oh, and by the way, because I just love and appreciate you all sooo much, your experiment this week is even more of The Eye of Argon! Choke it down, posture pals!



Dr. F is noooot happy about this interference from Joel. A Satellite killer death probe has been launched from Deep 13, and is heading towards the Satellite at a frightening pace! If characters look outside or view anything from Rocket #9, they will see a missile-looking thing heading straight for the bridge. If it reaches the bridge, it’s game over!

What’s going to happen? You’ll find out soon...

Your experiment this week is chapters 4 and 5 of The Eye of Argon. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

90s Kid

Current SOL morale is:



Characters have unlocked the Interdimensional Travel Achievement! The SOL has now gained the ability to travel through wormholes in time and space to alternate dimensions and futures! There are a couple of things to keep in mind for this:
- You may not be seeing event-a-week timing as often anymore. Random events will still pop up, but not on a steady weekly basis, as other things will be going on.
- Characters can get together and strongly suggest that the SOL make a dimension jump, but only Gypsy has the ability to control the Satellite and take it there. There may be times where the Satellite is forced to jump, or there may be times where characters can suggest they move on.
- Unfortunately, no one has any control over where or when the Satellite goes. You can only jump into a wormhole and find out what’s on the other end...which means getting back home may be difficult!
- Remember that button that Dr. Forrester pushed on one of Frank’s inventions that seemed to do nothing? Turns out, it did do something: created an invisible interdimensional link between Deep 13 and the SOL. So, no matter where the SOL goes, Deep 13 will be along for the ride. And they’ll be sending along the experiments no matter what!
- Since characters will be all about in different dimensions, the time machine will be unavailable. That, and it seems to still be exploded, too.
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17 November 2012 @ 08:17 am
Thirty-second Week  
[Dr. F and Frank are parked in front of the TV, which is currently hooked up to what looks like a huge mess of wires, pipes and other things. Dr. F is flipping through channels, while Frank looks immensely bored.]

Dr. F: Oh, hello there, Sir Lamealots and Lady Lamesmiths! In all of these recent projects I’ve been doing with Frank’s inventions here, I’ve overlooked one of the more simple and, dare I say oldschool evil acts out there...piracy! Specifically, piracy of cable TV!

As you can see here, we’ve set up these little specially designed superleech cords that steal cable not just from our neighbors the floor above, but from every TV in the country! Not only do we get every cable program at once, but now all of the great American continent will be forced to come to us for their vapid entertainment! We’ll make a fortune selling their own cable back to them, and use the money to finally finance finding the worst story ever!

Frank: You know...I really don’t think there’s anything on right now.

Dr. F: ...DoooOOO’HH! Just forget it! You guys just stick the latest experiment into your own idiot boxes! It’s another few chapters of Atlanta Nights!



Arrr me mateys, it be pirate week aboard the ol’ SOL! The entire Satellite takes on the appearance of a pirate ship, complete with one of the many Tom Servos as a figurehead on the front. Parrots can be found all over the nature deck, the theatrical deck is chock full of pirate costumes, and the weapons deck has been modified to include rows of cannons facing outside the ship. The cafeteria deck is also stocked up on grog and other pirate drinks. Hopefully it won’t run out of rum!

Keep on the lookout, as a few other things may show up this week!

Your experiment this week is chapters 9 and 10 of Atlanta Nights, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Sam the Eagle

Current SOL morale is:

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03 November 2012 @ 04:04 pm
Thirty-first Week  
[Dr. F doesn’t look to be in that great of a mood today, actually...]

Dr. F: Now THIS is just great! Sure, this big steel barrier keeps out mom, but now how are we supposed to pick up that Chinese takeout we ordered? You could’ve at least installed an un-steel-barrier-ify button on this thing! Like a Les Miserables hotkey or something!

Frank: Well I warned you about messing around with that stuff too much, Your Grouchiness!

Dr. F: Well that’s just perfect! How’m I supposed to get my chicken and distinctive sauce fix now?!

Frank: Hey, I know! Why don’t I send Mr. Snuggles to phase through the wall and go pick it up for us?

Dr. F: Hmm, that’s a good idea, I--WAIT! Since when could your stupid dog do that?!

Frank: Since you used your hyper-dimensional cloning probe to clone him, duuuh. Since this is an interdimensional barrier, the science paradox should be no trouble for him.

Dr. F: ...How did you find that out?

Frank: [Laughs] Well, it’s more than a little obvious!

Dr. F: …[absolutely dumbstruck]

Frank: [Turns around to his puppy.] Okay, Mr. Snuggles! Go fetch the Chinese food! Goooo get it! Good boy!

[Mr. Snuggles runs off down the hall...and then returns, carrying some kind of film reel in his mouth. Wait, is that film reel...familar? It’s too late to tell, as he phases through the steel wall with it and is gone.]

Frank: See? We should get our Chinese food in no time!

Dr. F: [shakes his head] ANYway. Your experiment this week is another chapter of Truly, Madly, Viking. You all have fun with that. I’m going to go...check...inventory-land. [He grumbles and walks off.]



In a fabulous bit of meta, it’s convention week on the Satellite...everyone is welcome to participate in the first annual SOL-Con! There’s a number of different changes around the Satellite:

- Characters can’t go to decks five and below without their official SOL-Con badge. Luckily, they can pick one up from Gypsy.
- The recreational deck has been transformed into an exhibit hall and artist’s alley. If any characters want to try and sell their wares here, they’re welcome to set up a table!
- The only food available from the food synthesizer is con food. Also, for some reason, the synthesizer is now charging a lot for anyone to ask for something from it.
- The theatrical deck is chock full of costumes and props! Strangely, a lot of these costumes seem to be of Tom, Crow, Gypsy and Cambot themselves. Otherwise, there’s a whole lot of jumpsuits and lab coats to be perhaps costumes for people your characters have never seen before.
- Feel free to show off your costumes at the Masquerade on the theatrical deck, followed by a dance!
- The Tom Servo deck has set up their own visiting convention...the 54th annual Cheese-makers Con. What happens when these two conventions collide?

However, there’s one other warning you should heed...if your characters want to use the time machine for any reason whatsoever, they should go and do so now. While ICly characters don’t know this yet, the time machine will become unusable for a long period of time starting in the near future. If you’ve got some time-traveling you want to get in, now is the time to do it!

Your experiment this week is chapter seven of Truly, Madly, Viking, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Hope Estheim

Current SOL morale is:

It's Just A Game Mods
20 October 2012 @ 06:15 pm
Thirtieth Week  
[Dr. F still seems to be in a really good mood these days, as he's got a whole pile of weird inventions courtesy of Frank. At the moment, he's messing around with that looks like a keyboard attached to a stuffed animal. What could be going on now?]

Dr. F: I'm tellin' ya Frank, it's like Christmas down here lately with all this stuff! Mom's still trapped outside, and now even the auditors can't get in. It's terrific!

Frank: Well, I'm glad you're having a good time, your Evilness. [Frank's cloned puppy comes up, barking.] Oh hey there, Mr. Snuggles!

Dr. F: Let's see what this does…

[He types out a few things on the keyboard, and suddenly Mr. Snuggles stretches out like a wiener dog and then snaps back into place like a rubber band.]

Dr. F: Oh, it messes with physics! That could be useful, somehow.

Frank: Oh, Mr. Snuggles! Are you okay? You're all sproing-y!

Dr. F: How about we give this a try on you guys this week? Speaking of things that make absolutely no sense, I think it's about time you had the second half of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway! Even Mr. Snuggles won't think it's so cute!


The Mads' messing with physics may or may not play a part in this week's change…the SOL has become a Toon Town! Characters will notice a number of changes both to themselves and the Satellite:

- Any characters that don't already look as such will find themselves transformed into cartoon versions of themselves. It can be any style of art, but they definitely now look very animated.
- The theater deck suddenly has a ton of boxes marked 'ACME corp. They contain everything from anvils to hammers with boxing gloves inside them to squeaky shoes. While these tools can be interesting, they can also backfire at any time!
- Fortunately, characters also receive the benefits of cartoon physics: they can get pianos dropped on their heads, get sawed in half, or disintegrated, and a moment later they'll be back to normal.
- Characters can take advantage of cartoon physics in general: if they need to hide, a simple pole will work. If they need to escape, they can paint a tunnel on the wall and run through it. As long as they're not looking down, they won't fall if they're not standing on anything.
- There may even be unexpected results when expressing themselves…eyes popping out of their heads, jaws literally dropping to the floor, or sweat drops if someone says something embarrassing. Characters may also find themselves addressing the fourth wall more often than usual.
- There are DUCK SEASON and RABBIT SEASON (and maybe seasons for other animals) posters plastered over many of the walls. Trying to rip off these posters just gives you more of them underneath.
- There are also banana peels scattered all over the Cafeteria Deck. Stepping on these may result in some terrible antics.
- Cartoon sound effects also accompany many actions…sometimes your characters may even see the words for them appear in the air.

Your experiment this week is the second part of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Minako Aino
Pinkie Pie
Princess Luna

Current SOL morale is:

It's Just A Game Mods
06 October 2012 @ 07:49 pm
Twenty-Ninth Week  
[Dr. F is continuing to mess around with all the gadgets that Frank made during his stint of craziness. It looks like there’s a big pile of them on the table in front of them. In the meanwhile, Frank is flipping through a TV Guide on the couch.]

Dr. F: Frank? What’s this do?

Frank: I dunno.

Dr. F: [He holds up a twisted corkscrew-looking machine.] What’s this do?

Frank: I dunno.

Dr. F: [Now he tries a box with a single button on it.] What about this one?

Frank: Oh Dr. F, I told you, I dunno! I wasn’t really thinking at the time, y’know?

Dr. F: Oh, fine, fiiiine. Let’s just try one!

[He pushes the button on the small box. There’s a rumbling, and then a CHNK CHNK CHNK CHNK sound from all around Deep 13 that startles both the Mads. It doesn’t seem like anything happened, but...]

Dr. F: Well what was that?

Frank: [Rolls his eyes and gets up from the couch] Ohhhhh, I’ll go check...

[Frank goes to the front door, and opens it. It looks like there’s nothing outside except for a huge, thick steel wall. Frank just rolls his eyes.]

Frank: Oh, terrific, you must’ve activated the enormous dimension-proof steel shielding installed around all of Deep 13. Now how’m I gotta take the trash out for the trash guy?

Dr. F: Huuh. That could be a problem. [He taps the button a few more times, but nothing doing.] Well, while we try and sort this whole thing out, why don’t you guys enjoy another chapter of The Thirteenth! It’s sure to push your dimension-proof steel shielding buttons! Or...something!


Any characters that were petrified or killed last week will find themselves completely back to normal now. This week, characters will begin to hear strange noises around the Satellite...something like scratching and fluttering. It always seems to happen just out of sight, and when characters try to hone in on it, it’s gone.

Meanwhile, the weapons deck suddenly boasts a large sign with the words “SNIPE HUNT EQUIPMENT.” The deck is now filled with nets, traps, dart guns, telescopes, cameras and more.

The hunt is on! Anyone who wants to participate in the hunt should sign up on the following post, and they will take each deck in groups of three. Will your characters do a bold charge for it, try and set traps, or just observe the area and wait for it to appear before making their move? It’s up to you! However, whoever finds the snipe will likely get rewarded for it!

Expect a Hexfield visitor on Wednesday of this week!

Your experiment this week is chapter 2 of The Thirteenth, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Zidane Tribal

Current SOL morale is:

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22 September 2012 @ 07:43 pm
Twenty-Eighth Week  
[Dr. F is busy with something on the desk, while Frank is pawing and whining at him.]

Frank: Come onnnnhhhnnn Dr. F, we’re gonna be laaaaate!

Dr. F: In just a second, Frankie-doo! I’m busy messing around with one of those weird inventions you made when you were insane and all.

Frank: [to the SOL] It’s International Pancake Day, so we’re gonna go get us some international pancakes!

Dr. F: That’s right, honey nut cheerios. International Pancake Day is pretty close to the British Pancake Day, which is pretty close to Britain! So get ready for smashing good bangers and mash in the lorry next to the loo, or something like that.

Frank: Jolly good!

Dr. F: Okay, I think I got it... [Dr. F flips the device on Frank’s invention, there’s sudden flash of bright light, aaaaaand...nothing. Dr. F looks disappointed.]

Frank: Huh. Thought for sure that’d blow you guys up or something. Oh well, at least there’s pancakes.

Frank: Oh and by the way, your experiment this week is another chapter of Twilight! That’s British, right? It’s Washington, which is...near...Britain. Jolly good!


It’s a good thing Frank’s invention hasn’t done anything to the SOL...or has it?

It seems that this week the SOL has decided to change into Hogwarts! The Satellite’s temperature drops considerably, but that’s okay, since characters will find themselves with all-new wardrobes this week. There’s wizard robes and scarves for four different houses for all characters under the age of 20. What house your characters are in is entirely up to you! Older characters will discover that they have teachers’ robes, and a certificate allowing them to educate. Characters will also notice some other effects:
- The cafeteria has transformed into a Great Hall, with an enchanted ceiling and everything. What’s more, the food synthesizer only seems to put out British food. Characters can only sit at the tables assigned to their house.
- The recreational deck transforms into a grassy field with several large hoops on either end. There also appears to be a set of brooms for equipment, and a strange box that bounces around as if something inside is trying to get out...
- On the media deck, the books in the library start to float about on their own, and even scream or bite at characters that handle them wrong.
- The plants on the nature deck seem to come to life; some of them behaving in a very hostile manner towards characters that try to investigate them.
- The weapons deck transforms into what appears to be a dueling area. It looks even less safe than before.

What’s more, if characters express some great emotion or stress, strange things may happen! Something might explode, or their hair might change color, or they may suddenly find themselves levitating. What’s causing these occurrences? Well, maybe a little magic investigation will reveal it!

Your experiment this week is chapter six of Twilight, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Maes Hughes

Current SOL morale is:

It's Just A Game Mods
08 September 2012 @ 08:15 pm
Twenty-Seventh Week  
[Frank shows up first...dressed in what looks to be a gray-colored superhero costume, with the letters DM on the front. He stands proudly!]

Good day, citizens! Yes, it is I, Doughy Man! I have returned once again to fight crime and eat doughnuts, sausages and butter! No citizen need fear while I am at the steakhouse! Villains flee when I arrive at the summer chili festival! Criminals quake at the sight of my portions! Evil beware -- DOUGHY MAN is here! With my powers of doughiness, I--

[Dr. F runs in behind Frank and clonks him over the head with a clown hammer. Frank makes a pained noise and drops to the floor, out like a light.]

Dr. F: I’m your kryptonite now, Frank!

OH. Hi. Your experiment this week is a great big slice of some deep-fried Knight Moves. It has the power of causing you endless pain!



Your characters get a lucky break this seems that Frank’s foray into heroism has spread, and every one gets superpowers this week!

If your character does not have superpowers normally, then you can choose one special power for them to have. It can be anything, as long as it’s not obviously game-breaking. Telekinesis, super-speed, flight, stretching, bulletproof skin or the like are all fine. Creating or destroying worlds or summoning monsters that can blow up the whole satellite are not.

If your character normally has superpowers, they will get one of those back. If they normally use a variety of magic and abilities, then they will only have one spell or ability at their disposal. It is up to you which power is restored to them.

Also, a character’s powers will only work for as long as they are on the SOL itself. If they go outside the Satellite at all, their powers will instantly be lost. It’s up to you what your characters do with these powers! Do they use them for good...or evil?

Your experiment is chapter three of Knight Moves, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Iron Liz
Squall Leonhart

Current SOL morale is:




Congratulations! You have unlocked the Extra character achievement! All players can now app up to five characters to the game! If there’s someone extra you’ve wanted to bring to the game, but haven’t had the’s the time to bring them on in!
It's Just A Game Mods
25 August 2012 @ 04:02 pm
Twenty-sixth Week  
Dr. F: [sighs] Well hello again, you...doo-doo...heads. After a long time of behavior modification, I think Frank and I are finally back on decent terms again. Isn’t that right, Frank?

Frank: Sure is!

Dr. F: I may even start paying Frank again.

Frank: Woohoo! [He does a little dance.]

Dr. F: But of course, that depends on YOU, now doesn’t it? You guys better make with the psychological and metaphorical and grammatical pain if you want to see Frank here get his due! On that note, I think it’s time for another healthy dose of Eragon! Well, we all shine on, don’t we?


Many characters wake up this week to discover that their entire wardrobe has been replaced...with various costumes representing Final Fantasy classes! Depending on your characters’ history or personality, they may find one of eight kinds of armor, robes and weapons that they must don:

Warrior - This is a basic fighting class. Your character will gain a weapon, most likely a sword, and be able to attack with it. Warriors are balanced with attack, defense and speed.
Dragoon - Another fighting class, although in this, your character will gain a long spear or lance. Their best method of attack is to leap high into the air and then come down hard on the enemy. While it takes awhile for them to get an attack in, they can do a lot of damage if you’re willing to wait.
Black Mage - This is a magic-based class...your character gains the ability to cast offensive spells such as fire, blizzard, thunder and earthquake. Black mages can be very useful against certain enemies.
White Mage - Another magic-based class, in which your character gains the ability to cast defensive and curative spells. White mages keep the party healthy with abilities like cure and raise, and can use esuna to get rid of problems like poison or stone.
Paladin - These special knights work for a holy order, and are sworn to do good. They can use a variety of light-based attacks with any weapon, but are also particularly good at shielding others from damage.
Dark Knight - The opposite of a paladin, these knights are troubled and serve darker ends. They usually wield dangerous weapons, and get their strongest attacks by sacrificing themselves for others.
Berserker - These super-strong warriors often just go hand-to-hand, or use a melee weapon. Berserker characters can deliver very strong attacks very quickly...but at the cost of potentially hurting their friends as well.
Bard - Characters with a bard getup usually get musical instruments instead of weapons. While they do minimal damage attacking, their duty is usually to play songs that cheer on their friends...either by giving them protection, enhancing their magic and attacks, or weakening the enemy.

Any character you don’t want participating can play the part of the NPC...they’re just off on the sidelines, giving support.

But what to do? Well, there’s the hallmark of any Final Fantasy game...level grinding! As your characters wander the halls, they may come across random encounters, where they’ll be thrown into another dimension and be able to fight monsters for experience and loot. Your characters can go questing on their own, or form parties to better their chances of winning against the monsters. The character that gets to the highest level may get a prize, and your efforts will earn you some more morale points!

To sign up your characters for a class, to form a party, or to check the bestiary of monsters you may encounter, check the following post in the OOC community!

Your experiment this week is chapter six and seven of Eragon, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Harvey Finevoice

Current SOL morale is:

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11 August 2012 @ 04:38 pm
Twenty-fifth Week  
Good morning, all of you! I’m in a VERY good mood this morning. Nnnnhahaha! Want to know whyyyyy I’m in a very good mood this morning? Because I’m about to put all of you in a very bad mood!

Don’t believe me? Well, you’ll be getting another chapter of Tyra Banks’ magnum opus, Modelland! That’s sure to put you all down in the dumps! That, and I’m gonna spend some quality time still punishing Frank while I go through all of his ideas and steal the good ones.

And I’m in such a good mood at your bad mood that I’m going to shower you all with rainbows and unicorn farts! Enjoy! Or don’t!



Dr. F wasn’t kidding about the unicorn farts and rainbows...this week, the SOL has suddenly become drenched in a Lisa Frank theme. Characters may notice the following effects:

- Rainbows are EVERYWHERE. They’re plastered on the walls and ceilings, all water is rainbow-colored, and characters may even spy rainbows out the window in space. The satellite is also decorated with stars, hearts and polka-dots. These decorations may also show up on clothes and personal possessions.
- Characters themselves may suddenly be sporting fluffy ears and tails. They may also find themselves covered in dalmatian spots, leopard spots or tiger stripes.
- The food synthesizer tends to only produce sugary foods and candies.
- All writing utensils (paper, pencils, pens) turn into glittery stationary. Lisa Frank stationary and merch show up in the Theatrical Deck with great frequently. Cambot also is featuring many glittery abilities.

Your experiment this week is chapter five of Modelland, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Sam the Eagle

Current SOL morale is:

It's Just A Game Mods
28 July 2012 @ 08:33 pm
Twenty-Fourth Week  
[The feed starts in with Dr. F giving Frank the talking-to of a lifetime. Obviously, he’s still pretty ticked off about last week.]

Dr. F: Okay Frank. Repeat after me. I will not.

Frank: I will not.

Dr. F: Ever let my mother.

Frank: Ever let my mother.

Dr. F: Near Deep 13 ever, ever again.

Frank: Something something ever again.

Dr. F: Now go muck out the septic tank or something.

Frank: Now go muck out the septic tank or something.


Frank: Ohkay. [Frank sulks offscreen. A moment later, a yelled-back FRAAAANK! comes from down the hall.]

Dr. F: [Turns back to the screen, still annoyed.] Well, four dangerous experiments, two hours in the Tough Loveseat, and a session in the agony booth later, I still don’t know if I got all of my rage out! I’ve still got all this cleanup to do after Frank’s little building stint. I don’t even know what half this stuff does. [He pulls up a box full of switches and stares at it.] Guess it wouldn’t hurt to find out sometime.

ANYway. Your experiment this week is another chapter of Truly, Madly, Viking! I do love inflicting some terrible time-travel romance on you. And this week you get the added bonus of listening in on some viking’s therapy session! I wonder what Freud would say about your minds at this point!


It’s summer time around here, and the Satellite has changed to show it! This week, the ship seems to have changed into a summer camp. A number of effects show up:

- Characters’ wardrobes have changed into appropriate camp gear: shorts, boots, backpacks, etc. Everything is labeled with their name.
- Characters will also find a bunch of camping equipment in their backpacks: flashlights, sunscreen, sleeping bags, etc.
- The Cafeteria Deck starts to put out slightly less quality food, and with not as much variety as usual. However, it will give out plenty of camp food like hot dogs and burgers, fixings for s’mores, packaged treats, and more. The only drinks available are water, juice boxes and Kool-Aid.
- The lake on the nature deck expands out so that it takes up nearly half of the deck, and now sports canoes, rafts and a small pier where characters can go wading and fishing. There’s even some campfire pits on either side of the lake...looks like the ship has adjusted for having a fire.
- Characters also may feel the urge to sing camp songs sometimes this week.

Wanna go camping on the nature deck? Now’s a good time to do it! However, like any good camping area, there is a boys’ and girls’ camp on either side of the lake. Will it be boys vs girls in camp activities?

Your experiment this week is chapter five of Truly, Madly, Viking, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Phineas Flynn
Ditzy Doo
Big Macintosh

Current SOL morale is:

It's Just A Game Mods
14 July 2012 @ 07:02 pm
Twenty-Third Week  
[Ohhh dear. It seems that the cleaning spree, coupled with the mysterious disappearance of Frank’s puppy, has triggered a madness episode in Frank! Deep 13 is all fixed up with even more crazy contraptions, including stuff that looks potentially dangerous. Frank himself is wearing a short purple cape, and his hair seems to have gone frizzier than usual.]

Frank: Mmmmwa-HAHAHA! Yes, soon, you will pay! You will all pay for what was taken from me! First, the Satellite...and then, the country...and then, the WORLD!

[There’s a furious knock on the door.]

Dr. F: [from outside] FRAAAANK! Frank, you let me back in right this instant!

Frank: Ohhh I think not, Dr. Forrester! You stay out there and think about what you’ve done! And when you’ve thought will meet your doom!

Dr. F: Frank, you realize that the only thing I’m going to be thinking about while I’m out here is which method I should use to kill you.

Frank: Ohhh no, Dr. Forrester! It is you...who are going to kill me!

Dr. F: [Pounding on the door] FFFFRRRAAANK!

Frank: [Turns back to the SOL with a mad gleam in his eye.] Well, my nefarious silence-enforcer should be about done warming up now! [He reaches to the side of him and throws an impressive-looking switch.] This experiment is only part of my grand scheme for revenge! Enjoy this next chapter of Atlanta Nights...for it shall BE YOUR LAST! MWAHAHAHA!


Ohh seems Frank can be a bit more competent at mad science when he really puts his mind to it. Whatever device he has built has a serious effect on everyone’s speech. Characters begin the week discovering that they are completely incapable of speech, no matter how hard they yell. Characters will have to find some other way to communicate...whether through writing, pictures, body language, or perhaps getting Cambot to pick up on cues. He can use subtitles and captions, after all. Either way, this may make riffing difficult for some...

What’s more, something has changed in morale points again this week! All of your activities are now worth triple morale points! This means you have the opportunity to earn a ton of points for good morale...but also lose a lot if things go bad!

Your experiment this week is chapter six of Atlanta Nights, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Twilight Sparkle
Harvey Finevoice

Current SOL morale is: