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Previously On It's Just A Game

This page contains a brief summary of events and plots that have taken place in It’s Just A Game, along with previous experiments and the teams that riffed them. If you’re looking for a quick look at what’s gone on so far and how the plot has progressed, or if you’re looking up a certain experiment, this is the place to be!

Week 1 - Introductions Week

Everyone begins to show up on the Satellite of Love, baffling the Mads and Mike and the Bots alike. A couple of bad first impressions are made, but they get smoothed over. Pinkie Pie throws a party to welcome everyone to the Satellite. Iron Liz attempts to set up a D&D group, although Tom Servo ruins it. Crow puts on his movie of Earth vs Soup.

Experiment: The Thirteenth - Prologue
Riff Team: Sora, Linkara and Fawful

Week 2 - Sparkles Week

Everyone on the Satellite wakes up to discover that they are sparkling in direct light. The sparkles start to get into everything, including in hair and food. 90s Kid’s messing around in the bottom deck of the ship ends with all soap dispensers giving out strawberry-scented shaving cream. As a result, a couple of people start playing pranks on each other with the shaving cream.

Morale raised to DECENT

Experiment: Twilight - Chapter 1
Riff Team: Galadriel, Lea and Minako Aino

Week 3 - Legends of the Hidden Temple

Many characters wake up this week to discover that they are now participating in the Legends of the Hidden Temple games! The games begin with the moat race, which the Purple Parrots, Red Jaguars, Blue Barracuddas and Silver Snakes won. The Red Jaguars and Blue Barracuddas go in to win at the Steps of Knowledge challenge. Teams that didn’t win chase their woes away with some ice cream...and get some silly prizes of their own. While the Temple Games are going on, a flock of dangerous venom cocks invades from the kitchens. Harry Dresden fends them off with help from others.

Experiment: Touched by Venom - Chapter 1
Riff Team: Harry Dresden, Emperor Kuzco and Xion

Week 4 - Legends of the Hidden Temple / Halloween

The Red Jaguards tackle the temple, and escape with the Venom Cock of Clutch Re with just two seconds to spare, earning Isa and Pinkie Pie the grand prize! With the games done, the Satellite then experiences a week of Halloween occurrences...including creepy scarecrows following people around, worms in food and bed, a time-traveling cuckoo clock, and living sponges under the sink. Pinkie Pie accidentally bakes some monster blood into a batch of cupcakes, causing many people to grow to a huge size. Even though all these creepy Goosebump-related things are popping up, characters still find the time to go trick-or-treating.

Experiment: Touched by Venom - Chapter 2
Riff Team: 90s Kid, Aqua and Santa

Week 5 - Space Whales Week

A pod of space whales passes by the Satellite this week, not doing much but providing some interesting spectacle for characters on board. 90s Kid and Crow try to go out and investigate them, and almost get mistaken for space krill. Gypsy also hosts a fire drill, in which characters discover that there’s really not much point to a fire drill in space.

Characters unlocked the ‘Cuddly Nature Deck’ Achievement, allowing more cute and friendly animals to appear on the Nature Deck.

Experiment: Truly, Madly, Viking - Chapter 1
Riff Team: Kaldur, Pinkie Pie and Sissel

Week 6 - Blanket Fort Week

This week, it rains all the time outside the Satellite, and characters find themselves with a multitude of blankets, pillows and board games. Many characters participate in a variety of board games, including a special IC version of Apples to Apples. Harry Dresden finds a copy of Monty Python and the Holy Grail and hosts a viewing.

Experiment: Chain Mail - Series 1
Riff Team: Phineas Flynn, Link and Tom Servo

Week 7 - Renaissance Festival Week

A whole ton of Renaissance Festival stuff shows up on the Satellite, enabling characters to put on their own special festival. Jane Shepard discovers a brewery on the Cafeteria Deck, and the adults hang out for a much-needed drink. Sora and Riku participate in a joust, with Pinkie Pie announcing. Harry Dresden also leads a team on a quest to stop the sound system from putting out horrible pan flute music, and end up running into a pack of hobgoblins.

Experiment: Eragon - Chapter 1
Riff Team: Falco Lombardi, Ienzo and the Third Doctor

Week 8 - Christmas Buildup

The effects of Christmas shorts begin to show up around the Satellite this week! The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree shows up on the Weapons Deck, and Midna convinces Terra to prop it up with his pants. It snows on the Nature Deck, and Perry the Platypus discovers that putting hats on snow men will bring them to life. A couple of others also discover more strange effects...claymation animals, a strange purple alien in the kitchen, and an addiction to Ovaltine.

Experiment: Modelland - Chapter 1
Riff Team: Sam the Eagle, Midna and Princess Luna

Week 9 - Christmas Party Aftermath

Mike and the Bots throw a rockin’ Christmas party for the Satellite! Unfortunately, Tom and Crow accidentally mix in some spare Waters of Forgetfulness in the punch, causing anyone who drinks it to experience extreme hyperactivity and giddiness, coupled with amnesia. A few characters wake up in the pond, in other characters’ beds, or in other awkward situations. Those who didn’t drink it were subject to their insane antics.

In the meanwhile, Santa stops by the Satellite and delivers a present to everyone!

Experiment: The Thirteenth - Chapter 1
Riff Team: Dr. Insano, Maes Hughes and Namine

Week 10 - The Dark Spectres

The Satellite changes its experience to a more technological, blue-hued other words, Sci-Fi era SOL. However, some really bad things happen this week: dark, black-and-gray-colored shadow versions of every character show up on the Satellite and begin tormenting everyone. They whisper cruel things in the originals’ ears, push them around, and do everything possible to make them feel miserable. Some characters mess with the food synthesizer, making all food colored black. Others go down to the bottom deck and begin to mess with vital functions; increasing gravity and air pressure. In the chaos, Fawful also puts some life-sucking mushrooms onto the nature deck, leading a small team to have to figure out a way to destroy them.

Experiment: The Eye of Argon - Chapter 1
Riff Team: Iron Liz, MakubeX and Terra

Week 11 - The Dark Spectres Defeated

The dark spectres continue to torment characters, but luckily, characters come up with some creative ways to destroy them. Riku torments his by locking it in with the hordes of Tom Servos, 90s Kid blows up his with pop rocks and soda, and Rarity kneecaps every spectre she finds. In the end, Doofenschmirtz manages to take out the rest of the specters with an Evilcloneawayinator powered by cupcakes. However, the spectres don’t bid farewell without first leaving a cryptic message over Cambot.

As a bit of a break, the wiring on the ship gets rerouted while Gypsy is repairing things, turning all of the bodies of water on the SOL into hot tubs. A few characters take this time to relax...Minako even turns one of them into a chocolate jacuzzi.

Experiment: Twilight - Chapter 4
Riff Team: Isa, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi and Sasami Muraki Jurai

Week 12 - Ponies Week

Characters this week wake up to discover that they have all transformed into ponies, complete with cutie marks! A few characters also turn into griffins or diamond dogs, depending on their species. For awhile, everyone is content to just try out being a pony, although some have an easier time of it than others. However, things go bad with Discord shows up to crash the party, and begins to torment and corrupt many characters with his powers. Many get mind-controlled by his chaos, but luckily are saved by the love of their friends. A smart group of people manages to defeat Discord by tricking him into viewing an extra experiment with them, and then trapping him inside the experiment itself. Once he’s trapped, everything on the Satellite returns to normal. Pinkie Pie throws a party to celebrate their defeating Discord, as well as Isa’s birthday.

Experiment: The Playboy Shiekh’s Virgin Stable-Girl - Chapter 1
Riff Team: Rarity, Riku and Wheatley

Scrapped Experiment: Left Behind - Chapter 1
Riff Team: 90s Kid, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi and Discord

Week 13 - Musical Week

This week, characters are unable to speak for very long before bursting into song. While some characters then refuse to talk, others decide to run with it, putting on their own musical numbers. Those who can’t sing end up dancing instead!

Experiment: Atlanta Nights - Chapter 1
Riff Team: Sora, Wilykit and Iron Liz

Week 14 - Laser Tag Week

Dr. Forrester refuses to talk to any female characters this week, although it doesn’t really matter. Instead, most characters discover the laser tag equipment down in the Weapons Deck, and engage in all-out laser war. A wide variety of characters use their skills to rack up points in a massive laser fight on the Recreation Deck, while Twilight Sparkle observes the fight from a safe space. In the meanwhile, Maes Hughes holds down the Cafeteria Deck as a neutral safe zone for anyone needing a break. In the end, Red Team wins with the most points overall. Perry the Platypus earns the highest score by being sneaky and sniping from the vents, earning him a plaque inscribed with the phrase “BRAGGING RIGHTS.” Terra loses the most points, earning him a Nickelodeon sliming in the shower.

Morale raised to POSITIVE

Experiment: Battlefield Earth - Chapters 1 and 2
Riff Team: Squall Leonhart, Zidane Tribal and Maes Hughes

Week 15 - Eighties Week

The Satellite takes on an Eighties theme this week, putting out synth music, leotard clothing, and giving everyone terrible hair. A few characters even change to look like their original Eighties selves, and any teenagers appear as being in their thirties. Sora, Roxas, Ventus, Ratchet and Perry the Platypus investigate the time machine on the Launch Deck, and end up fixing it. Meanwhile, 90s Kid and Pinkie Pie prank people for April Fools.

Experiment: Experiment: Eragon - Chapters 3 and 4
Riff Team: Aqua, Riku and Harry Dresden

Week 16 - Time Machine Week

With the time machine unlocked this week, a couple of characters decide to try it out, only to discover that their powers return in full in the past. Riku tests it out first, and gets saved from a pack of hungry Utahraptors by Amaterasu and Perry the Platypus. Kaldur, Twilight Sparkle and Aqua travel back to the years the SOL is being constructed and smuggle a load of good books on board. Lexaeus and Ienzo travel back to the time of the Library of Alexandria and save a load of ancient texts. 90s Kid and Minako Aino travel back a year or two, accidentally get married, and meet Joel Robinson, who tells them about the Twin-Screw Universal Controller. Riku also takes Sora, Kaldur, Kotetsu and Link on a dinosaur safari.

Characters unlocked the ‘Time Machine Unlocked’ achievement, enabling them to use the time machine whenever they wanted, and giving them some more freedom to travel and even use their powers.

Experiment: Truly, Madly, Viking - Chapter 3
Riff Team: Linkara, MakubeX and Xion

Week 17 - M. Night Shyamalan Week

With M. Night Shyamalan controlling this week, characters experience a bunch of strange effects...many around the SOL begin seeing ghosts, a few characters gain super strength, and a few become extremely fearful of the color red. Quite a few people also get stuck in the SOL elevators for hours at a time. A few also become trapped on the Nature Deck when they arrive there and discover they are too listless and drained to move.

Then, a series of twists occurs...characters discover that they’ve been on a nature preserve the entire time, that aggressive aliens and trees have been battling it out to kill them, that they’ve been dead the whole time, and worst of all, that it was all a collective dream. Turns out, Mike accidentally mixed up some chloral hydrate in the water supply, knocking everyone out. Needless to say, many are not happy with Mike about this.

Characters unlocked the ‘Helpful Servos’ achievement, causing all the Tom Servos on the Servo deck to be more helpful and useful than simply troublesome.

Morale raised to FAIR

Experiment: Atlanta Nights - Chapter 3
Riff Team: Midna, Ventus and Isa

Week 18 - Pokemon Week

Characters this week wake up to discover that they have transformed into a wide variety of Pokemon! They also have four moves available to them, and are happy to try them out in friendly competitions with each other. Harvey Finevoice informs everyone on what kinds of Pokemon they are and what their strengths and weaknesses are. However, things go wrong when Missingno shows up, leaving characters dizzy and afraid as its static interference messes up the ship. After it begins to mess with important ship functions, Wally West, Kaldur, Harvey Finevoice and Wilykit corner it and battle it. Missingno’s true form is eventually revealed, and Wally captures it in a Pokeball.

Experiment: Twilight - Chapter 5
Riff Team: 90s Kid, Vanitas and Spike

Week 19 - Animated Titanic Week

The week opens with an important message from Dr. Forrester being interrupted by a transmission from Joel Robinson. Unfortunately, the interruption is full of static and no one can understand what either Dr. F or Joel are saying, and attempts to get them to repeat their messages fail. However, the Satellite is then invaded by hallmarks of the animated Titanic movies...complete with mystical talking dolphins, annoying singing mice, and a rapping dog. A couple characters even get shrunken down to mouse size. Characters soon discover that the Satellite is heading straight for a space iceberg! Luckily, Iron Liz organizes a group of pilots who fly a fleet of subpods out and move the iceberg out of the way with continuous laser fire. However, their victory is won in an unexpected way.

Experiment: The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway - Part 1
Riff Team: Pinkie Pie, Princess Luna and Minako Aino

Week 20 - Rodeo Week

This week, the Satellite fills up with a ton of stuff for a rodeo, including costumes, bales of hay and horses! A couple of characters try their hand at the mechanical bull...90s Kid ends up getting stuck in the wall due to his spiky costume, and Minako Aino manages to break the world record for staying atop a mechanical bull. Unfortunately, no one from the world records is around to witness this event. Sora and Terra also get caught up in some shenanigans with the time machine. This week also includes a special riffing with all-silent characters.

Experiment: Modelland - Chapter 3 (WARNING: due to the large amount of pictures and embedded videos, this post may cause loading problems with slower computers.)
Riff Team: Amaterasu, Chibiterasu and Perry the Platypus

Week 21 - Fairy Tale Week

This week, several decks throughout the Satellite change to resemble scenes from various princess fairy tales: the cafeteria deck turns into the woodlands from Snow White, the recreation deck into the chateau from Cinderella, the theatrical deck into Rapunzel's tower, the media deck into the Beast's castle, the nature deck into Ariel's underwater kingdom, and the weapons deck into Sleeping Beauty's castle. Many characters also had strange things happen to them as a result...some that stayed on the nature deck grew fins, many that stayed on the theatrical deck grew their hair very long, and many ended up in a coma after eating apple pies Pinkie Pie made from apples on the cafeteria deck.

Experiment: Knight Moves - Chapter 1
Riff Team: Rarity, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi and Lea

Week 22 - Human/Animal Switch Week
This week, characters experience a switcheroo when all animal and robot characters become human, and all human characters become animals and robots. Many used this as an opportunity to try new things...or to give some confessions with their newfound speech abilities.

However, things take a turn for the worst when Pearl Forrester shows up and insists on doing some spring cleaning for Deep 13 and the SOL. Frank tries to herd the animals on the Satellite into cages, but friends help them escape. However, Pearl leaves Frank with the knowledge that she left his puppy in the same cage as Dr. Forrester's dinosaur...and as a result, Frank goes insane.

Experiment: The Playboy Shiekh's Virgin Stable-Girl - Chapter 2
Riff Team: Dick Grayson, Namine and Hope Estheim

Week 23 - Week of Silence
As a result of Frank's going insane, he locks out Dr. Forrester and builds a bunch of evil inventions, including one that silences every character on board the SOL. No one is capable of speech or sound while the machine works. As further evil, Frank beams Dr. F's cloned Utahraptor onto the ship, where it proceeds to cause havoc everywhere it goes and wound Big Macintosh. Worst of all, it ends up eating 90s Kid, leaving the whole Satellite devastated.

Finally, Dick Grayson devises a plan to trap the dinosaur, and they catch it on the theatrical deck and tie it up. Dr. F finally manages to get back inside by giving Frank back his puppy...or rather, a cloned version of it, but Frank doesn't need to know that yet. Squall Leonhart eventually convinces the Mads to beam the Utahraptor back down to Deep 13, and everyone gets to work repairing the damage. In the meanwhile, Xion and Sora run into more trouble with the time machine.

Experiment: Atlanta Nights - Chapter 6
Riff Team: Harvey Finevoice, Terra and Twilight Sparkle

Week 24 - Camp SOL Week
This week, a whole bunch of camp equipment shows up on the SOL, prompting characters to get together and set up a summer camp. First, meanwhile, Pinkie Pie hosts a funeral for 90s Kid, where many characters give eulogies. However, 90s Kid then shows up again, perfectly all right! The funeral immediately turns into a party. How did 90s Kid get back? No one's quite sure...

In the meanwhile, camp goes over well. Many character engage in camp activities or (at least attempt) to tell ghost stories around the campfire. However, a couple of characters also notice that some of their personal effects have started to go missing...the result of a bet between Dick Grayson and Zidane Tribal.

Experiment: Truly, Madly, Viking - Chapter 5
Riff Team: Big Macintosh, Ditzy Doo and Phineas Flynn

Week 25 - Lisa Frank Week
This week, the entire Satellite got covered in a Lisa Frank theme...rainbows and neon colors were everywhere, including on peoples' clothes and person items. Many characters also began sporting fluffy animal ears and tails, or tiger stripes and leopard spots. Most took these changes in stride, although some were more than a little annoyed at their personal items getting splashed with pink and purple. Crow took the opportunity to run around the Satellite and put puffy stickers on everyone...a dastardly task that Wally helped him with some.

Morale raised to GOOD

Experiment: Modelland - Chapter 5
Riff Team: Sasami, Ienzo and Sam the Eagle

Week 26 - Final Fantasy Week
The Satellite outfits many characters with garb from various Final Fantasy classes. Many characters get into parties and begin traversing the SOL, where they find themselves in random encounters: pocket dimensions where they are assaulted by various monsters, and can only attack on a turn-based system.

These parties go around and level up by fighting monsters. Luckily, no one encounters a one's lucky enough to come across a Chocobo, though. In the meanwhile, any characters not questing set themselves up as NPC healers to help the parties.

Experiment: Eragon - Chapters 6 and 7
Riff Team: Harvey Finevoice, Xion and Rarity

Week 27 - Superpowers Week
Every character wakes up this week to discover that they have gained a superpower! For some, it's at least one of the powers they've always had, and for others, it's an entirely new power. Some characters use it to have fun, or to spar with each other since some get their special weapons back. Others, such as Iron Liz and Roxas, didn't find theirs so thrilling.

In the meanwhile, Pinkie Pie threw a big party to celebrate their one year of being on the SOL.

Characters unlocked the ‘Extra Character’ Achievement, allowing players to app up to five characters.

Experiment: Knight Moves - Chapter 3
Riff Team: Kotetsu, Iron Liz and Squall Leonhart

Week 28 - Hogwarts Week
This week, the Satellite took on a Hogwarts theme, sorting everyone into houses and changing the cafeteria and library to look at lot more like the wizarding school. Kotetsu helped several people try out a round of Quidditch on brooms. Since a lot of the Kingdom Hearts kids had returned to the Satellite after being gone and experiencing their home world for awhile, they held a meeting to share important information. Minako, who had been snooping in their rooms for awhile, attempted to crash it.

However, later in the week, the Basilisk showed up and began prowling the halls. It petrified Namine and 90s Kid, and killed Harvey Finevoice, leaving him as a ghost. Characters tried to work together to either find a way to kill it or disarm its deadly gaze.

Morale raised to GREAT

Experiment: Twilight - Chapter 6
Riff Team: Maes Hughes, Ienzo and Sora