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Twenty-First Week

[It’s actually nighttime before Dr. F finally makes his weekly call...and even then, he walks in in a green robe and slippers, looking a bit disheveled.]

OH. Right, experiments. Um, sorry about that...‘fraid I slept late...then Frank’s stupid little dog got sick all over the carpet...had to unclog the toilet...quarterly taxes...and then something was on and I just lost track of time. It’s a Saturday, what’re you gonna do?

But better late than never! Your experiment this week is a real painful sampling of time-travel bodice-ripping romance! Don’t get your hopes up, though...this book makes Truly, Madly, Viking look like a Jane Austen novel! It’s a little something we like to call Knight Moves! Hope you enjoy a whole lot of potty humor!



The SOL decides to treat everyone like a princess this week! ...Unfortunately, that’s not always a good thing. Several decks transform completely into specific settings from various princess fairy tales.

- The Cafeteria Deck changes into a pleasant woodland area, with a tiny little cottage at the end where the food synthesizer was. It may still be possible to farm this area. However, don’t eat any of the apples from the trees growing on this deck, or there may be some terrible consequences...
- The Recreational Deck turns into an old chateau, a little run-down but still nice overall. However, if your characters stay on this deck for more than three hours, they’ll soon find themselves locked onto this deck and forced to do extensive chores if they want to leave again.
- The Theatrical Deck appears to have been transformed into a tower interior, full of beautiful paintings all over the wall and ceiling. While this deck is nice overall, characters staying here too long may start to experience severe cabin fever, and have their hair grow very long very quickly.
- The Media Deck appears to have turned into a castle interior full of frightening-looking monster sculptures. Luckily, there’s still a large library here. However, characters may notice the furniture on this deck moving around on its own.
- The Nature Deck is now completely underwater, with a huge coral palace hiding at the bottom. Luckily, there’s boats and scuba gear at the deck’s entrance if you want to go down and investigate the castle. Don’t stay in the water too long though, or you might start growing fins...
- The Weapons Deck turns into a wooded area with a cottage, although as the week goes on, the area begins to get choked up with nasty-looking thorns. Any characters that remain here too long will fall into a deep they can’t wake from unless they receive true love’s kiss.

As an additional effect, small woodland animals seem to appear out of nowhere and begin to follow around female characters...especially if they sing.

Your experiment is chapter one of Knight Moves, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:


Current SOL morale is:


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