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Twenty-Second Week

[Dr. F looks loaded down with bags, badges, poster tubes and he taking a trip somewhere?]

Dr. F: ‘Fraid I’m not staying around today, weirdos...I’m off to the Annual Mad Scientist Convention over in Little Shoe, Wisconsin! This year I’m bound to wow them with my hyper-reality cloning probe! And once I win the Best Of Madness Award, I’ll finally have the funds to inflict the worst stories EVER on you! AHAHAHA!

So, wish me luck, everyone! Hugs and kisses, buh-bye. Frank, you’re in charge for the week.

[With that, he heads out the door. Frank comes onscreen, obviously very excited to be in charge!]

Frank: Well everyone, looks like I’m sending you your experiment this week! Let’s seeee, heeere, what does Dr. F have on the schedule, hmmmm... [He pulls up a clipboard.] Oh, another chapter of’The Playboy Sheikh’s Virgin Stable-Girl’!

[He bounces on his heels] Ohboyohboyohboy I’m gonna make Dr. Forrester sooooo proud!

Your characters get a bit of a strange switcheroo this week. Every character that is normally human gets turned into an animal or robot this week! It can be any animal (or robot) that you want; it’s the player’s choice. In the meanwhile, any character that is normally non-human (such as all animals and robots) will become a human this week!

If your character is a non-human but is still pretty close to one (such as Zidane or Wilykit) then they can go either’s up to you whether they turn into a full animal or a full human. It’s also up to you whether your character gains or loses the power of speech upon their change. Whichever way it goes, animals and humans can still all understand each other.

Expect a visitor to the SOL on Thursday of this week.

Your experiment this week is chapter 2 of The Playboy Sheikh’s Virgin Stable-Girl, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Dick Grayson
Hope Estheim

Current SOL morale is:

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