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Twenty-Third Week

[Ohhh dear. It seems that the cleaning spree, coupled with the mysterious disappearance of Frank’s puppy, has triggered a madness episode in Frank! Deep 13 is all fixed up with even more crazy contraptions, including stuff that looks potentially dangerous. Frank himself is wearing a short purple cape, and his hair seems to have gone frizzier than usual.]

Frank: Mmmmwa-HAHAHA! Yes, soon, you will pay! You will all pay for what was taken from me! First, the Satellite...and then, the country...and then, the WORLD!

[There’s a furious knock on the door.]

Dr. F: [from outside] FRAAAANK! Frank, you let me back in right this instant!

Frank: Ohhh I think not, Dr. Forrester! You stay out there and think about what you’ve done! And when you’ve thought will meet your doom!

Dr. F: Frank, you realize that the only thing I’m going to be thinking about while I’m out here is which method I should use to kill you.

Frank: Ohhh no, Dr. Forrester! It is you...who are going to kill me!

Dr. F: [Pounding on the door] FFFFRRRAAANK!

Frank: [Turns back to the SOL with a mad gleam in his eye.] Well, my nefarious silence-enforcer should be about done warming up now! [He reaches to the side of him and throws an impressive-looking switch.] This experiment is only part of my grand scheme for revenge! Enjoy this next chapter of Atlanta Nights...for it shall BE YOUR LAST! MWAHAHAHA!


Ohh seems Frank can be a bit more competent at mad science when he really puts his mind to it. Whatever device he has built has a serious effect on everyone’s speech. Characters begin the week discovering that they are completely incapable of speech, no matter how hard they yell. Characters will have to find some other way to communicate...whether through writing, pictures, body language, or perhaps getting Cambot to pick up on cues. He can use subtitles and captions, after all. Either way, this may make riffing difficult for some...

What’s more, something has changed in morale points again this week! All of your activities are now worth triple morale points! This means you have the opportunity to earn a ton of points for good morale...but also lose a lot if things go bad!

Your experiment this week is chapter six of Atlanta Nights, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Twilight Sparkle
Harvey Finevoice

Current SOL morale is:


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