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Twenty-Fourth Week

[The feed starts in with Dr. F giving Frank the talking-to of a lifetime. Obviously, he’s still pretty ticked off about last week.]

Dr. F: Okay Frank. Repeat after me. I will not.

Frank: I will not.

Dr. F: Ever let my mother.

Frank: Ever let my mother.

Dr. F: Near Deep 13 ever, ever again.

Frank: Something something ever again.

Dr. F: Now go muck out the septic tank or something.

Frank: Now go muck out the septic tank or something.


Frank: Ohkay. [Frank sulks offscreen. A moment later, a yelled-back FRAAAANK! comes from down the hall.]

Dr. F: [Turns back to the screen, still annoyed.] Well, four dangerous experiments, two hours in the Tough Loveseat, and a session in the agony booth later, I still don’t know if I got all of my rage out! I’ve still got all this cleanup to do after Frank’s little building stint. I don’t even know what half this stuff does. [He pulls up a box full of switches and stares at it.] Guess it wouldn’t hurt to find out sometime.

ANYway. Your experiment this week is another chapter of Truly, Madly, Viking! I do love inflicting some terrible time-travel romance on you. And this week you get the added bonus of listening in on some viking’s therapy session! I wonder what Freud would say about your minds at this point!


It’s summer time around here, and the Satellite has changed to show it! This week, the ship seems to have changed into a summer camp. A number of effects show up:

- Characters’ wardrobes have changed into appropriate camp gear: shorts, boots, backpacks, etc. Everything is labeled with their name.
- Characters will also find a bunch of camping equipment in their backpacks: flashlights, sunscreen, sleeping bags, etc.
- The Cafeteria Deck starts to put out slightly less quality food, and with not as much variety as usual. However, it will give out plenty of camp food like hot dogs and burgers, fixings for s’mores, packaged treats, and more. The only drinks available are water, juice boxes and Kool-Aid.
- The lake on the nature deck expands out so that it takes up nearly half of the deck, and now sports canoes, rafts and a small pier where characters can go wading and fishing. There’s even some campfire pits on either side of the lake...looks like the ship has adjusted for having a fire.
- Characters also may feel the urge to sing camp songs sometimes this week.

Wanna go camping on the nature deck? Now’s a good time to do it! However, like any good camping area, there is a boys’ and girls’ camp on either side of the lake. Will it be boys vs girls in camp activities?

Your experiment this week is chapter five of Truly, Madly, Viking, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Phineas Flynn
Ditzy Doo
Big Macintosh

Current SOL morale is:


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