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Twenty-fifth Week

Good morning, all of you! I’m in a VERY good mood this morning. Nnnnhahaha! Want to know whyyyyy I’m in a very good mood this morning? Because I’m about to put all of you in a very bad mood!

Don’t believe me? Well, you’ll be getting another chapter of Tyra Banks’ magnum opus, Modelland! That’s sure to put you all down in the dumps! That, and I’m gonna spend some quality time still punishing Frank while I go through all of his ideas and steal the good ones.

And I’m in such a good mood at your bad mood that I’m going to shower you all with rainbows and unicorn farts! Enjoy! Or don’t!



Dr. F wasn’t kidding about the unicorn farts and rainbows...this week, the SOL has suddenly become drenched in a Lisa Frank theme. Characters may notice the following effects:

- Rainbows are EVERYWHERE. They’re plastered on the walls and ceilings, all water is rainbow-colored, and characters may even spy rainbows out the window in space. The satellite is also decorated with stars, hearts and polka-dots. These decorations may also show up on clothes and personal possessions.
- Characters themselves may suddenly be sporting fluffy ears and tails. They may also find themselves covered in dalmatian spots, leopard spots or tiger stripes.
- The food synthesizer tends to only produce sugary foods and candies.
- All writing utensils (paper, pencils, pens) turn into glittery stationary. Lisa Frank stationary and merch show up in the Theatrical Deck with great frequently. Cambot also is featuring many glittery abilities.

Your experiment this week is chapter five of Modelland, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Sam the Eagle

Current SOL morale is:


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