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Twenty-sixth Week

Dr. F: [sighs] Well hello again, you...doo-doo...heads. After a long time of behavior modification, I think Frank and I are finally back on decent terms again. Isn’t that right, Frank?

Frank: Sure is!

Dr. F: I may even start paying Frank again.

Frank: Woohoo! [He does a little dance.]

Dr. F: But of course, that depends on YOU, now doesn’t it? You guys better make with the psychological and metaphorical and grammatical pain if you want to see Frank here get his due! On that note, I think it’s time for another healthy dose of Eragon! Well, we all shine on, don’t we?


Many characters wake up this week to discover that their entire wardrobe has been replaced...with various costumes representing Final Fantasy classes! Depending on your characters’ history or personality, they may find one of eight kinds of armor, robes and weapons that they must don:

Warrior - This is a basic fighting class. Your character will gain a weapon, most likely a sword, and be able to attack with it. Warriors are balanced with attack, defense and speed.
Dragoon - Another fighting class, although in this, your character will gain a long spear or lance. Their best method of attack is to leap high into the air and then come down hard on the enemy. While it takes awhile for them to get an attack in, they can do a lot of damage if you’re willing to wait.
Black Mage - This is a magic-based class...your character gains the ability to cast offensive spells such as fire, blizzard, thunder and earthquake. Black mages can be very useful against certain enemies.
White Mage - Another magic-based class, in which your character gains the ability to cast defensive and curative spells. White mages keep the party healthy with abilities like cure and raise, and can use esuna to get rid of problems like poison or stone.
Paladin - These special knights work for a holy order, and are sworn to do good. They can use a variety of light-based attacks with any weapon, but are also particularly good at shielding others from damage.
Dark Knight - The opposite of a paladin, these knights are troubled and serve darker ends. They usually wield dangerous weapons, and get their strongest attacks by sacrificing themselves for others.
Berserker - These super-strong warriors often just go hand-to-hand, or use a melee weapon. Berserker characters can deliver very strong attacks very quickly...but at the cost of potentially hurting their friends as well.
Bard - Characters with a bard getup usually get musical instruments instead of weapons. While they do minimal damage attacking, their duty is usually to play songs that cheer on their friends...either by giving them protection, enhancing their magic and attacks, or weakening the enemy.

Any character you don’t want participating can play the part of the NPC...they’re just off on the sidelines, giving support.

But what to do? Well, there’s the hallmark of any Final Fantasy game...level grinding! As your characters wander the halls, they may come across random encounters, where they’ll be thrown into another dimension and be able to fight monsters for experience and loot. Your characters can go questing on their own, or form parties to better their chances of winning against the monsters. The character that gets to the highest level may get a prize, and your efforts will earn you some more morale points!

To sign up your characters for a class, to form a party, or to check the bestiary of monsters you may encounter, check the following post in the OOC community!

Your experiment this week is chapter six and seven of Eragon, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Harvey Finevoice

Current SOL morale is:


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