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Twenty-Seventh Week

[Frank shows up first...dressed in what looks to be a gray-colored superhero costume, with the letters DM on the front. He stands proudly!]

Good day, citizens! Yes, it is I, Doughy Man! I have returned once again to fight crime and eat doughnuts, sausages and butter! No citizen need fear while I am at the steakhouse! Villains flee when I arrive at the summer chili festival! Criminals quake at the sight of my portions! Evil beware -- DOUGHY MAN is here! With my powers of doughiness, I--

[Dr. F runs in behind Frank and clonks him over the head with a clown hammer. Frank makes a pained noise and drops to the floor, out like a light.]

Dr. F: I’m your kryptonite now, Frank!

OH. Hi. Your experiment this week is a great big slice of some deep-fried Knight Moves. It has the power of causing you endless pain!



Your characters get a lucky break this seems that Frank’s foray into heroism has spread, and every one gets superpowers this week!

If your character does not have superpowers normally, then you can choose one special power for them to have. It can be anything, as long as it’s not obviously game-breaking. Telekinesis, super-speed, flight, stretching, bulletproof skin or the like are all fine. Creating or destroying worlds or summoning monsters that can blow up the whole satellite are not.

If your character normally has superpowers, they will get one of those back. If they normally use a variety of magic and abilities, then they will only have one spell or ability at their disposal. It is up to you which power is restored to them.

Also, a character’s powers will only work for as long as they are on the SOL itself. If they go outside the Satellite at all, their powers will instantly be lost. It’s up to you what your characters do with these powers! Do they use them for good...or evil?

Your experiment is chapter three of Knight Moves, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Iron Liz
Squall Leonhart

Current SOL morale is:




Congratulations! You have unlocked the Extra character achievement! All players can now app up to five characters to the game! If there’s someone extra you’ve wanted to bring to the game, but haven’t had the’s the time to bring them on in!

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