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Twenty-Eighth Week

[Dr. F is busy with something on the desk, while Frank is pawing and whining at him.]

Frank: Come onnnnhhhnnn Dr. F, we’re gonna be laaaaate!

Dr. F: In just a second, Frankie-doo! I’m busy messing around with one of those weird inventions you made when you were insane and all.

Frank: [to the SOL] It’s International Pancake Day, so we’re gonna go get us some international pancakes!

Dr. F: That’s right, honey nut cheerios. International Pancake Day is pretty close to the British Pancake Day, which is pretty close to Britain! So get ready for smashing good bangers and mash in the lorry next to the loo, or something like that.

Frank: Jolly good!

Dr. F: Okay, I think I got it... [Dr. F flips the device on Frank’s invention, there’s sudden flash of bright light, aaaaaand...nothing. Dr. F looks disappointed.]

Frank: Huh. Thought for sure that’d blow you guys up or something. Oh well, at least there’s pancakes.

Frank: Oh and by the way, your experiment this week is another chapter of Twilight! That’s British, right? It’s Washington, which is...near...Britain. Jolly good!


It’s a good thing Frank’s invention hasn’t done anything to the SOL...or has it?

It seems that this week the SOL has decided to change into Hogwarts! The Satellite’s temperature drops considerably, but that’s okay, since characters will find themselves with all-new wardrobes this week. There’s wizard robes and scarves for four different houses for all characters under the age of 20. What house your characters are in is entirely up to you! Older characters will discover that they have teachers’ robes, and a certificate allowing them to educate. Characters will also notice some other effects:
- The cafeteria has transformed into a Great Hall, with an enchanted ceiling and everything. What’s more, the food synthesizer only seems to put out British food. Characters can only sit at the tables assigned to their house.
- The recreational deck transforms into a grassy field with several large hoops on either end. There also appears to be a set of brooms for equipment, and a strange box that bounces around as if something inside is trying to get out...
- On the media deck, the books in the library start to float about on their own, and even scream or bite at characters that handle them wrong.
- The plants on the nature deck seem to come to life; some of them behaving in a very hostile manner towards characters that try to investigate them.
- The weapons deck transforms into what appears to be a dueling area. It looks even less safe than before.

What’s more, if characters express some great emotion or stress, strange things may happen! Something might explode, or their hair might change color, or they may suddenly find themselves levitating. What’s causing these occurrences? Well, maybe a little magic investigation will reveal it!

Your experiment this week is chapter six of Twilight, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Maes Hughes

Current SOL morale is:


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