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Twenty-Ninth Week

[Dr. F is continuing to mess around with all the gadgets that Frank made during his stint of craziness. It looks like there’s a big pile of them on the table in front of them. In the meanwhile, Frank is flipping through a TV Guide on the couch.]

Dr. F: Frank? What’s this do?

Frank: I dunno.

Dr. F: [He holds up a twisted corkscrew-looking machine.] What’s this do?

Frank: I dunno.

Dr. F: [Now he tries a box with a single button on it.] What about this one?

Frank: Oh Dr. F, I told you, I dunno! I wasn’t really thinking at the time, y’know?

Dr. F: Oh, fine, fiiiine. Let’s just try one!

[He pushes the button on the small box. There’s a rumbling, and then a CHNK CHNK CHNK CHNK sound from all around Deep 13 that startles both the Mads. It doesn’t seem like anything happened, but...]

Dr. F: Well what was that?

Frank: [Rolls his eyes and gets up from the couch] Ohhhhh, I’ll go check...

[Frank goes to the front door, and opens it. It looks like there’s nothing outside except for a huge, thick steel wall. Frank just rolls his eyes.]

Frank: Oh, terrific, you must’ve activated the enormous dimension-proof steel shielding installed around all of Deep 13. Now how’m I gotta take the trash out for the trash guy?

Dr. F: Huuh. That could be a problem. [He taps the button a few more times, but nothing doing.] Well, while we try and sort this whole thing out, why don’t you guys enjoy another chapter of The Thirteenth! It’s sure to push your dimension-proof steel shielding buttons! Or...something!


Any characters that were petrified or killed last week will find themselves completely back to normal now. This week, characters will begin to hear strange noises around the Satellite...something like scratching and fluttering. It always seems to happen just out of sight, and when characters try to hone in on it, it’s gone.

Meanwhile, the weapons deck suddenly boasts a large sign with the words “SNIPE HUNT EQUIPMENT.” The deck is now filled with nets, traps, dart guns, telescopes, cameras and more.

The hunt is on! Anyone who wants to participate in the hunt should sign up on the following post, and they will take each deck in groups of three. Will your characters do a bold charge for it, try and set traps, or just observe the area and wait for it to appear before making their move? It’s up to you! However, whoever finds the snipe will likely get rewarded for it!

Expect a Hexfield visitor on Wednesday of this week!

Your experiment this week is chapter 2 of The Thirteenth, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Zidane Tribal

Current SOL morale is:


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