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Thirtieth Week

[Dr. F still seems to be in a really good mood these days, as he's got a whole pile of weird inventions courtesy of Frank. At the moment, he's messing around with that looks like a keyboard attached to a stuffed animal. What could be going on now?]

Dr. F: I'm tellin' ya Frank, it's like Christmas down here lately with all this stuff! Mom's still trapped outside, and now even the auditors can't get in. It's terrific!

Frank: Well, I'm glad you're having a good time, your Evilness. [Frank's cloned puppy comes up, barking.] Oh hey there, Mr. Snuggles!

Dr. F: Let's see what this does…

[He types out a few things on the keyboard, and suddenly Mr. Snuggles stretches out like a wiener dog and then snaps back into place like a rubber band.]

Dr. F: Oh, it messes with physics! That could be useful, somehow.

Frank: Oh, Mr. Snuggles! Are you okay? You're all sproing-y!

Dr. F: How about we give this a try on you guys this week? Speaking of things that make absolutely no sense, I think it's about time you had the second half of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway! Even Mr. Snuggles won't think it's so cute!


The Mads' messing with physics may or may not play a part in this week's change…the SOL has become a Toon Town! Characters will notice a number of changes both to themselves and the Satellite:

- Any characters that don't already look as such will find themselves transformed into cartoon versions of themselves. It can be any style of art, but they definitely now look very animated.
- The theater deck suddenly has a ton of boxes marked 'ACME corp. They contain everything from anvils to hammers with boxing gloves inside them to squeaky shoes. While these tools can be interesting, they can also backfire at any time!
- Fortunately, characters also receive the benefits of cartoon physics: they can get pianos dropped on their heads, get sawed in half, or disintegrated, and a moment later they'll be back to normal.
- Characters can take advantage of cartoon physics in general: if they need to hide, a simple pole will work. If they need to escape, they can paint a tunnel on the wall and run through it. As long as they're not looking down, they won't fall if they're not standing on anything.
- There may even be unexpected results when expressing themselves…eyes popping out of their heads, jaws literally dropping to the floor, or sweat drops if someone says something embarrassing. Characters may also find themselves addressing the fourth wall more often than usual.
- There are DUCK SEASON and RABBIT SEASON (and maybe seasons for other animals) posters plastered over many of the walls. Trying to rip off these posters just gives you more of them underneath.
- There are also banana peels scattered all over the Cafeteria Deck. Stepping on these may result in some terrible antics.
- Cartoon sound effects also accompany many actions…sometimes your characters may even see the words for them appear in the air.

Your experiment this week is the second part of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Minako Aino
Pinkie Pie
Princess Luna

Current SOL morale is:


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