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Thirty-first Week

[Dr. F doesn’t look to be in that great of a mood today, actually...]

Dr. F: Now THIS is just great! Sure, this big steel barrier keeps out mom, but now how are we supposed to pick up that Chinese takeout we ordered? You could’ve at least installed an un-steel-barrier-ify button on this thing! Like a Les Miserables hotkey or something!

Frank: Well I warned you about messing around with that stuff too much, Your Grouchiness!

Dr. F: Well that’s just perfect! How’m I supposed to get my chicken and distinctive sauce fix now?!

Frank: Hey, I know! Why don’t I send Mr. Snuggles to phase through the wall and go pick it up for us?

Dr. F: Hmm, that’s a good idea, I--WAIT! Since when could your stupid dog do that?!

Frank: Since you used your hyper-dimensional cloning probe to clone him, duuuh. Since this is an interdimensional barrier, the science paradox should be no trouble for him.

Dr. F: ...How did you find that out?

Frank: [Laughs] Well, it’s more than a little obvious!

Dr. F: …[absolutely dumbstruck]

Frank: [Turns around to his puppy.] Okay, Mr. Snuggles! Go fetch the Chinese food! Goooo get it! Good boy!

[Mr. Snuggles runs off down the hall...and then returns, carrying some kind of film reel in his mouth. Wait, is that film reel...familar? It’s too late to tell, as he phases through the steel wall with it and is gone.]

Frank: See? We should get our Chinese food in no time!

Dr. F: [shakes his head] ANYway. Your experiment this week is another chapter of Truly, Madly, Viking. You all have fun with that. I’m going to go...check...inventory-land. [He grumbles and walks off.]



In a fabulous bit of meta, it’s convention week on the Satellite...everyone is welcome to participate in the first annual SOL-Con! There’s a number of different changes around the Satellite:

- Characters can’t go to decks five and below without their official SOL-Con badge. Luckily, they can pick one up from Gypsy.
- The recreational deck has been transformed into an exhibit hall and artist’s alley. If any characters want to try and sell their wares here, they’re welcome to set up a table!
- The only food available from the food synthesizer is con food. Also, for some reason, the synthesizer is now charging a lot for anyone to ask for something from it.
- The theatrical deck is chock full of costumes and props! Strangely, a lot of these costumes seem to be of Tom, Crow, Gypsy and Cambot themselves. Otherwise, there’s a whole lot of jumpsuits and lab coats to be perhaps costumes for people your characters have never seen before.
- Feel free to show off your costumes at the Masquerade on the theatrical deck, followed by a dance!
- The Tom Servo deck has set up their own visiting convention...the 54th annual Cheese-makers Con. What happens when these two conventions collide?

However, there’s one other warning you should heed...if your characters want to use the time machine for any reason whatsoever, they should go and do so now. While ICly characters don’t know this yet, the time machine will become unusable for a long period of time starting in the near future. If you’ve got some time-traveling you want to get in, now is the time to do it!

Your experiment this week is chapter seven of Truly, Madly, Viking, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Hope Estheim

Current SOL morale is:


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