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Thirty-second Week

[Dr. F and Frank are parked in front of the TV, which is currently hooked up to what looks like a huge mess of wires, pipes and other things. Dr. F is flipping through channels, while Frank looks immensely bored.]

Dr. F: Oh, hello there, Sir Lamealots and Lady Lamesmiths! In all of these recent projects I’ve been doing with Frank’s inventions here, I’ve overlooked one of the more simple and, dare I say oldschool evil acts out there...piracy! Specifically, piracy of cable TV!

As you can see here, we’ve set up these little specially designed superleech cords that steal cable not just from our neighbors the floor above, but from every TV in the country! Not only do we get every cable program at once, but now all of the great American continent will be forced to come to us for their vapid entertainment! We’ll make a fortune selling their own cable back to them, and use the money to finally finance finding the worst story ever!

Frank: You know...I really don’t think there’s anything on right now.

Dr. F: ...DoooOOO’HH! Just forget it! You guys just stick the latest experiment into your own idiot boxes! It’s another few chapters of Atlanta Nights!



Arrr me mateys, it be pirate week aboard the ol’ SOL! The entire Satellite takes on the appearance of a pirate ship, complete with one of the many Tom Servos as a figurehead on the front. Parrots can be found all over the nature deck, the theatrical deck is chock full of pirate costumes, and the weapons deck has been modified to include rows of cannons facing outside the ship. The cafeteria deck is also stocked up on grog and other pirate drinks. Hopefully it won’t run out of rum!

Keep on the lookout, as a few other things may show up this week!

Your experiment this week is chapters 9 and 10 of Atlanta Nights, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Sam the Eagle

Current SOL morale is:


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