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Thirty-third Week

[Ohhh boy. Dr. F. has taken note of the fact that Joel’s ship is slowly heading out to the SOL, and he is not pleased. He’s currently standing over the main computer console with a twisted expression, pressing a bunch of buttons.]

Dr. F: Ohhhh, so you think you can try and escape from ol’ Dr. Forrester, HMMM? And after all I’ve done for you whackadoos! I feed you, clothe you, shoot you into space, and force terrible experiments on you, and how do you thank me? By trying to escape!

Welllll, FIIINE! Just throw out all the goodwill of Granny Forrester! Let’s see how you like this!

[He slams down on a button on the console, and there’s a sound from somewhere outside Deep 13 of a rocket being launched.]

Oh, and by the way, because I just love and appreciate you all sooo much, your experiment this week is even more of The Eye of Argon! Choke it down, posture pals!



Dr. F is noooot happy about this interference from Joel. A Satellite killer death probe has been launched from Deep 13, and is heading towards the Satellite at a frightening pace! If characters look outside or view anything from Rocket #9, they will see a missile-looking thing heading straight for the bridge. If it reaches the bridge, it’s game over!

What’s going to happen? You’ll find out soon...

Your experiment this week is chapters 4 and 5 of The Eye of Argon. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

90s Kid

Current SOL morale is:



Characters have unlocked the Interdimensional Travel Achievement! The SOL has now gained the ability to travel through wormholes in time and space to alternate dimensions and futures! There are a couple of things to keep in mind for this:
- You may not be seeing event-a-week timing as often anymore. Random events will still pop up, but not on a steady weekly basis, as other things will be going on.
- Characters can get together and strongly suggest that the SOL make a dimension jump, but only Gypsy has the ability to control the Satellite and take it there. There may be times where the Satellite is forced to jump, or there may be times where characters can suggest they move on.
- Unfortunately, no one has any control over where or when the Satellite goes. You can only jump into a wormhole and find out what’s on the other end...which means getting back home may be difficult!
- Remember that button that Dr. Forrester pushed on one of Frank’s inventions that seemed to do nothing? Turns out, it did do something: created an invisible interdimensional link between Deep 13 and the SOL. So, no matter where the SOL goes, Deep 13 will be along for the ride. And they’ll be sending along the experiments no matter what!
- Since characters will be all about in different dimensions, the time machine will be unavailable. That, and it seems to still be exploded, too.

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