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Thirty-fourth Week

[The screen comes on, revealing Dr. Forrester...but this is obviously not the same Dr. F that the SOL knows and loves. This good doctor is perched up on a big green throne, looking even more smug than normal. Just then, Captain Salt Lake walks into the throne area, and points at the camera.]

Salt Lake: See?! They just showed up out of nowhere in that big satellite! I told them to scram, and they haven’t yet!

Alternate Dr. F: My old initial test subjects? Well, that IS strange.

[The screen flickers again, and a second window is added in with Dr. F and Frank from the SOL’s normal universe. Deep 13 looks about the same as always for them, although the Mads there appear a bit rattled.]

Frank: Wowie-zowie! What was that all about?

Dr. F: I dunno, Frank...hey, you on the SOL! We were busy trying to kill you when it looked like there was some kind of interdimensional interference. What’s going on up there, anyway?

Alternate Dr. F: Huuuh? Why this looks like the spitting image of a past, failure-oriented me!

Salt Lake: Looks like it.

Frank: Hey Dr. F, looks like we’ve stumbled across an alternate version of you. Neat! ...Say, where’s the alternate me?

Alternate Dr. F: Frank? Oh, he was tragically lost in the great calamity when the Experiment wiped out all human intelligence and civilization on earth.

Salt Lake:

Alternate Dr. F: Okay, I lied. It wasn’t that tragic.

Dr. F: Oh, well that’s....WHAAAT?! You managed to take over the world? [He preens a bit] HA! I knew I could do it!

Alternate Dr. F: Of course I could do it! I’m a genius!

Dr. F: So, tell me! What experiment was it that drove everyone insane, hmmmm?

Alternate Dr. F: Pffff, as if I’ll tell YOU! I’m the rule of the dark alternate future, here! Do your own homework!

Dr. F: What?! But how’m I supposed to take over the world if you won’t tell me how I take over the world?!

Alternate Dr. F: Oh, you think you had it tough, mister? I slaved for a good five years taking over the world! You can very well work just as hard yourself!

Dr. F: This is SO unfair! I can’t believe what a jerk I am! [He comes up closer to the camera and whispers conspiratorially at the Satellite.] Listen, we can’t let this alternate me get the better of me! You guys take another chapter of Modelland and start going insane real quick, okay? And while you’re at it, hurry up and find a way for us to get out of this smelly dimension!



Your characters are still trapped in the alternate that seems to be ruled by a Dr. Forrester that has taken over the world with the worst experiment ever! This experiment was so bad that it reduced humans to an animalistic state, and a race of cloned dinosaurs has taken their place as rulers of the earth.

Your characters can try and get to the bottom of what experiment caused this, or maybe they should just focus on trying to escape this dimension. It doesn’t look like Emperor Forrester and his dinosaur minions are that happy with the SOL’s presence!

Your experiment this week is chapter 7 of Modelland. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Squall Leonhart
Iron Liz

Current SOL morale is:


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