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Thirty-fifth Week

[Dr. F is still grumping about in Deep 13, since his alternate future self has taken over the world and he hasn’t.]

Dr. F: Well this is just perfect cheese and crackers! Still stuck underground on a world that I can’t take over, because I beat me to it! Meanwhile, other me gets to sit up on his big fancy-looking throne happy as a clam!

[Speak of the devil: the Emperor Forrester shows up on the screen, looking just as unhappy as the real Dr. Forrester. Captain Salt Lake is right by him, equally annoyed.]

Alternate Dr. F: I don’t know what all of your alternate past test subjects are doing up there, but their riffings are un-de-evolving the human race! There’s going to be an uprising around here if you guys don’t stop!

Salt Lake: Don’t make me come up there!

Alternate Dr. F: If you guys don’t cut that out right now, there’s going to be consequences, I guarantee it!

[He vanishes from the viewscreen. The real Dr. F gets a sneaky look on his face.]

Dr. F: Okay, for once, I’m just gonna say KEEP DOING WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING! Stick it to me and all! Your experiment this week is another completely confusing conundrum of continuity called The Thirteenth! Now make it funny, circus clowns!



The Satellite has decided to make things awfully pleasant this week...maybe a bit too pleasant. Characters will wake up to discover that everything now looks black and white. What’s more, their usual wardrobes have been replaced by very 50s-looking clothes, with skirts and blouses for the girls and dress shirts and pants for the guys. The cafeteria deck has turned into a malt shop, serving mostly hamburgers and shakes. The satellite in general has become awfully squeaky-clean.

While it may seem very pleasant right now, it may not stay as such as the week goes on...

What’s more, it looks like some stuff may be brewing down on earth below...characters may want to stay on the lookout, and see about getting out of this dimension if needed!

Your experiment this week is chapter 4 of The Thirteenth. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Pinkie Pie

Current SOL morale is:


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