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Thirty-sixth Week

[Dr. F and Frank appear on the screen...and phew, they both look like their normal selves rather than the crazy alternate future Emperor Forrester. But wait...]

[The area behind them looks familiar, but in all the wrong ways. It looks like the bridge area of the Satellite of Love! The Mads have somehow ended up on the SOL instead...]

Dr. F: Ohhh, it’s you sillies again! What experiment are you gonna inflict on us this time?

Frank: Awww, I’m sure it’ll be super-duper fun, whatever it is! Right, Mr. Snuggles?

[From below, there’s the sound of a puppy barking.]



The SOL's journey through the space/time portal has now landed it in a new dimension. However, this may be the worst area they’ve encountered yet!

The Shadowverse!

Characters may also understand this place as the Mirrorverse! The Shadowverse is the origin of the dark spectres...or rather, the very act of your characters arriving here created the dark spectres that showed up in the normal universe much earlier. Upon arrival in this dimension, all characters immediately switch places. This means that ALL characters on board the SOL are now in Deep 13, and all Deep 13 characters are now on the SOL instead. If any new characters are apped into the game while in the Shadowverse, they will still wind up on the SOL, and will retain their normal personalities.

Also, characters in both Deep 13 and the SOL now may or may not have taken on the opposite personality of their Shadowverse selves! This means that if your character is normally friendly, cheerful and kind, they could now be snide, cruel and heartless. If your character gets affected by the Shadowverse, they will behave like the exact opposite of themselves, and may even have their wardrobe or physical appearance changed. It is entirely up to you whether your characters remain as they normally are, or if they're now their mirror-self! But if your characters stay normal, be warned...people you once considered friends may not take so kindly to you if they think you'd oppose their evil plans! Things have now become much more complicated for your characters.

Worst of all, once arriving in the Shadowverse, morale points instantly inversed! The SOL has lost all gained Achievements. The following Failures have instead been unlocked:

Food Failure: The food synthesizer now constantly makes mistakes and produces poor food.
Animal Attack: Very few animals appear on nature deck, and those that do appear are hostile to visitors.
Troublesome Toms: All the Tom Servos on the Tom Servo deck refuse to obey characters and will sabotage some activity efforts.
Launch Deck Closedown: Subpods and spacesuits will fail to function; therefore, the launch deck is now unusable.
Room downgrade: All rooms instantly downgrade to lowest level. There are no luxury accomodations to be found.
Media Closedown: The theatrical and media decks have become unusable. The nature deck now also produces no animals and few plants.

And current SOL morale is:


Since the SOL has lost the ability to travel between dimensions, all of your characters are now stuck in the Shadowverse until characters both on the SOL and in Deep 13 can find a way to get it working again and have them escape! Be forewarned, though...if mirrored characters do too much to lower morale, they may end up causing the downfall of the SOL themselves! Just for reference, both Mike and Crow have been mirrored, but Gypsy and Tom Servo remain as their normal selves. Cambot, of course, will record either way.

While you can OOCly set up experiments for your characters to try and view, since every character is now stuck in Deep 13, they are not required to do them, and thus there is no experiment this week. Mirrored characters may decide to inflict experiments on their friends, however! Feel free to plot with fellow players or the mod if you’d like to try an experiment while in the Shadowverse. It’s up to you to escape this dimension and get your friends back, or else be stuck in the Shadowverse!

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