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Thirty-eighth Week

[After that long instant of explosion-sounding noises and annoying flashing lights, the screen changes to show Dr. F and Frank again...but this time, they’re back in Deep 13, in all of their normal mad scientist attire. They look a little bit confused at first, but that doesn’t last too long, and they’re back to their mad personas.]

Frank: Well that was one weeeeird mama-jamma, whatever it was.

Dr. F: It’s annoying is what it was! I’m trying to run an experiment here and you bozos have to go and send us universe-hopping! What does this look like to you, Stargate?! Well, I hope you’ve all learned something from this little jaunt through future...evil...Jurassic Park...of the Apes...reloaded!

Frank: Never try to deep-fry a snowball?

Dr. F: D’oooohhhh FRAAANK! Just! Go get an experiment ready! We’re way behind schedule as it is.

Frank: Yes, Your Saltiness. [He heads offscreen, is gone for a little while...and then slides back in.] Uh, which one?

Dr. F: The worst one of course!

Frank: Right. Eye of Argon it is, then.



After way too much universe-hopping, the SOL has at last returned to its rightful universe! Everyone that was stuck in Deep 13 in the Mirrorverse has been returned back to the Satellite and their normal selves, and the Mads have gone back to living in Deep 13. Your characters may still have some residual memories of their Mirrorverse’s up to you whether or not they actually remember what happened in the Mirror Universe! If they do, however, getting back to normal may take a little time and adjustment.

Luckily, the Satellite decides not to throw any major changes at characters this week. Or at doesn’t directly throw anything at them...

Your experiment this week is Chapter seven of The Eye of Argon, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Pinkie Pie

Current SOL morale is:


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