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Thirty-ninth Week

[Dr. F looks like he’s in the middle of something: mostly, in the middle of throwing a ton of junk out the front door. There’s all manner of contraptions and machines mixed up in the trash he’s throwing out. Frank wanders by.]

Frank: Heya Dr. F, watcha dooooin’?

Dr. F: I’m--[He grunts, throwing out something particularly heavy]--getting rid of all this crud that you invented while you were nuts!

Frank: Oh, well that’s...heeeeeey! Those are my weird inventions!

Dr. F: And yeah, if they haven’t been useless, they’ve been nothing but trouble!

Frank: [whining] But I maaaade those!

Dr. F: It’s spring cleaning, Frank! Everything’s gotta go!

Frank: Oh, okay then!

Dr. F: It looks like you guys up there could stand to use some spring cleaning, too...for your MINDS! Take a big heaping sweeping of Modelland and clear out all that sanity cluttering up your heads, won’t you? Thank you!



The Twin-Screw Universal Controller is still available to use! In the meanwhile, Joel is still getting the parts together to get his ship up to the SOL. He’s close to fixing his engine! Can the SOL hold out until then?

Well, you can continue to find out! Your experiment this week is chapter 9 of Modelland, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Zidane Tribal
Minako Aino

Current SOL morale is:


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