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Want to apply? To do so, you must fill out the form below and email it to the mods at, with the subject heading [APPLICATION - CHARACTER NAME]. Please email your apps only...we will not accept apps in the comments of this or any other post. Paste your response in the body of your email, not as an attachment.

You must read the FAQ and Rules completely before applying. To ensure you do this, there is a secret message at the end of the app that you must include. If you have read the FAQ and Rules completely, you will know what to do.

It can take up to a week to process apps, so if you do not hear back right away, please be patient. We will get to apps as quickly as possible, and we always process them in the order we receive them.

The total number of characters you can play at the game is currently four. That number may go up in the future, but for now, it is four.

One extra note: we will periodically change the example given for you to riff off of in the riff sample. This is so that you have some variety when apping multiple characters.