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07 April 2013 @ 08:34 pm
Fourtieth Week  
[Dr. F actually seems pretty pleased this week. He’s got a big pile of notes in his lap and is humming some made-up tune to himself. He notices the camera is on and finally looks up at it.]

Dr. F: Oh, are you all still breathing? Color me surprised! You see, I don’t even care anymore that Joel’s trying to get himself up to the Satellite! You wanna know why? No? DON’T CARE, I’ll spill anyway: because you’re already going insane from that little doohickey you keep messing with! By this point, a new experiment will just push you all over the edge! So go on ahead and do whatever it is you think you’re accomplishing...soon I’LL have the data and the experiment to finally TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

[Frank wanders in, petting Mr. Snuggles]

Frank: I thought it was ‘cause you couldn’t get any of those countermeasures to work and wanted to watch a bunch of Blue’s Clues.

[Dr. F slooooowly looks up from his notes.]

Dr. F: And your experiment this week is a very rotten chapter of Truly, Madly, Viking! I think I’ll go rub Frank’s face in it!

Frank: Ohhhhhhh deeeeeeeeeaaarrr!

[And Frank exits left, pursued by a Dr. Forrester.]



Joel has gotten his makeshift ship up and running! Launch day is in just a few days, and he’ll be on his way up to the SOL. Barring no unforseen problems, Joel should be able to rescue everyone on the ship soon.

The question is, can everyone hold out until then? The Twin-Screw Universal Controller is still on the bridge, still able to make anything happen! You may get something really helpful...or something even worse than what’s gone on thusfar!

Your experiment this week is chapter 8 of Truly, Madly, Viking. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

90s Kid

Current SOL morale is: