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21 April 2013 @ 04:14 pm
Forty-first Week  
[It looks like Dr. F is about to come on again. Frank is looking awfully serious business, too.]

Dr. F: So apparently all of our countermeasures have turned out to be duds. Wellllll, that’s just FINE! This gives me a great opportunity to tell you all what I really think of your silly humorous responses. I think it’ll go

[All of a sudden, there’s a load of static and the feed is interrupted. Once again, it is interrupted by Joel. He looks like he’s in the cockpit of his homemade spaceship.]

Joel: Okay, I finally got everything working again, and I’m comin’ on up to the ol’ Satellite of Love! So just sit tight, and Gypsy, make sure you’ve got the launch deck workin’ in a couple of days or so! And whatever you do, stop touching the Twin-Screw Universal Controller! There’s no telling what’ll happen if it keeps malfunctioning!

Okay, I think that’s it for now. Peace out, everyone!

[The feed returns to static, and then back to Dr. F and Frank’s faces staring up into the camera.]

Dr. F: --And that’s why she found the kangaroo in the shower!

Frank: Gosh, I never knew that! It all makes sense now!

Dr. F: Of course it does, Frank. And that’s why your experiment this week will be yet ANOTHER chapter of Atlanta Nights...the worst of them all!

Frank: See you all in...Kangaroo Court!




You’ve just got a little bit more time left before Joel finally manages to make it to the SOL! You can use this time to do anything you like, but completing the experiment given is obviously a must-do. Also most important: surviving whatever the Twin-Screw Universal Controller may throw at you next!

Your experiment this week is chapter twelve of Atlanta Nights. There may also be an encore of Atlanta Nights or some other chapter in the week as well. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Harvey Finevoice
Sam the Eagle

Current SOL morale is: