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Around the SOL and Deep 13

The Satellite of Love

The Satellite of Love is much larger on the inside than it looks on the outside, and despite the fact that it’s supposed to be a giant floating lab cage, actually has a lot of conveniences. There are twelve decks in total. Here’s what you’re most likely to find on certain floors:

Deck 1 - Houses the cockpit, theater, and the hall between the two. This is where your characters will arrive, this is where they’ll do most of their communication with the Mads, and it is also the only deck your characters can’t stay in. The cockpit area also houses the hexfield viewscreen, where characters can communicate with visitors. Obviously, the theater is where the experiments take place.

Deck 2 - The first floor of what appear to be housing units. Mike and the ‘bots have their rooms on this floor. While the rooms vary in terms of size and luxury, they all at least have a bed, a locker, a bedside table, and a kitten poster. Nicer rooms may have more things, but they’re first-come, first-serve! The Mads don’t really care if you fight over them or not. Decorate them however you like.

Oh, and there’s just one bathroom for the whole deck.

Deck 3 - Same as deck 2: more housing units large and small, and one bathroom for the whole deck.

Deck 4 - The cafeteria deck. There is a food synthesizer here that will make almost any kind of food you desire, although it is prone to messing up now and then. If you want to make your own food, there are fridges and ovens available, and the synthesizer will also prepare the materials for you to cook yourself. There are also a series of cafeteria tables and chairs to sit and eat at.

Deck 5 - The recreational deck. Here you will find all sorts of sporting equipment: a track, a squash court, a basketball court, table tennis and fosball, a pool, and a jacuzzi. Come here to work out or just relax in the jacuzzi! Cambot will keep score on a game if asked.

Deck 6 - Theatrical deck: here your characters are likely to find stuff of a theatrical nature, and anything else that can’t be categorized elsewhere. Costumes, props, knick-knacks, set materials, hand puppets, toys, board games and more are all stored in boxes here. There are also materials for you to make your own costumes and props should you desire. On certain weeks, certain costumes are more likely to show up.

Deck 7 - The media deck. Here your characters will find books, magazines, comics, and a music library. They won’t, however, find a movie selection. Also, while there are a lot of choices for media available, they all tend to lean strongly into the bad category. Your character will never be able to find their favorite band or author, but they’ll find plenty of the genres they hate most...

Deck 8 - The nature deck. This deck seems to be overgrown with plants and soil for some unknown reason, while they don’t grow very large. Animals of all kinds, both domesticated and wild, will appear on this deck at random times. Unless stated otherwise, all of the animals showing up here will be earth natives. There is also a watering hole in this area that attracts fish and other water animals. You can use part of the area to farm, but it’s a pretty small section of ship: about ten square feet.

Deck 9 - Tom Servo deck: here you will find the hundreds and hundreds of copies of Tom Servo that he’s made of himself over the years, just sort of hovering around. They can be recruited to assist you for something, but if you’re smart you’ll avoid this deck. No really, it’s pretty easy for them to turn on you.

Deck 10 - Weapons deck: here your character is most likely to find weapons. Weapons have a more rare appearance than other materials, but on occasion you can find guns, swords, knives, lasers, shuriken, pokeballs...most anything you can think of. Be careful where you use them, though...if you use weapons too freely and too frequently, you may find they run out of ammo fast or break easily.

Deck 11 - Launch deck: the deck where you’ll find small transports and materials for going outside. There are subpods, which are small two-man ships you can fly in, jet propulsion rocket packs, spacesuits, and more. Subpods can also be launched from this area. While you can use these or other devices to go outside the ship, if you try and fly all the way back to earth, you’ll find that you’ll mysteriously run out of gas about 500 feet from the SOL and will have to be towed back.

There is also a small time machine here, but it currently has a child safety lock on it. And watch out: Gypsy is reading your lips.

Deck 12 - The mysterious underbelly of the ship. Down here you’ll find a massive mess of tubes, wires, pipes, circuits and who knows what else that all help run the ship. Only the very brave, very stupid, or very Gypsy should venture into this area. There’s no telling what you’ll find on this level, although chances are it could be dangerous and/or affect the entire ship.

Deep 13

Deep 13 is located deep in the earth beneath the Gizmonic Institute. You’re also likely to find a wide variety of things in this seemingly small location:

Control Room - The room where the Mads communicate with the SOL, and where they control its movements. The front door to the elevator that goes to the surface of the earth is located here. This room is large enough to hold most any number of people and equipment needed.

Storage Closet - Where villainous characters sleep. Yes, there’s room for everyone here.

Vending Machine Hall - There’s no cafeteria, but feel free to get whatever you want from the 20 or so vending machines that line this area. There’s also a bulletin board with a host of menus from take-out places you can order food from. There’s also a fridge next to the bulletin board, but you probably shouldn’t open it.

Laboratory - Here you’ll find a plethora of equipment and supplies that will enable you to conduct any sort of experiment you want. Want to build a doomsday death ray? Here’s the place to do it! Want to see what happens when you make some poor test subject eat pop rocks and soda at once? There’s a cabinet full of them, and a number where you can order your human guinea pigs from the local temp agency! Whatever evil you want to inflict on humanity starts here.

Library - Here you’ll find a massive media library, including things like books, magazines, comics, TV shows AND movies. Unlike the SOL’s media deck, here you can find anything you like, especially your favorites. However, there’s plenty of bad stuff mixed in, too.

Lab Zoo - Here, the Mads raise all the animals you can use as test subjects, or just to befriend. Test your mad science on some rabbits, or genetically engineer your own critters!

Dumping Room - All of Dr. Forrester’s failed experiments are thrown in here...from faulty time machines to electrified furniture to failed genetic experiments. You probably don’t want to venture into this room...while you may find something interesting, it’s also a good chance you’ll come away injured or humiliated, or both.

Bathroom - There’s one toilet, one sink and one shower. Get used to sharing with anyone else down here.