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The Hexfield Viewscreen is a large hexagonal screen in the cockpit area that allows the SOL inhabitants to communicate with visitors...characters from neither the Satellite nor Deep 13. Characters appearing here will talk with anyone that wants to, about anything they want, for as long as they like. Any character that appears on the Hexfield is called a Hexfield visitor. Hexfield visitors appear at random intervals (so you will not be seeing one once a week), and usually have little to nothing to do with current events or experiments. They are simply there to talk, and to make life on the SOL just a bit stranger.

The best part? Anyone can play a Hexfield visitor! Moderators, players, and RPers from any other game or area are welcome to submit a character as a Hexfield visitor. Yes, you do not have to be a player at this game to participate. Any kind of character is welcome, and this is one place where crack and AU characters are accepted and encouraged. This is also the only place where you can play “real people” characters like celebrities. If you think they’d be funny, bring them on in! There are just a few guidelines to submitting for a Hexfield visitor, though:
- Your character cannot be a character that is currently being played at the game. They could be an off-the-wall or AU version of them, but not the character themselves. Check the Taken Characters Page to see who is being played here.
- Please, no characters that are blatantly offensive. We want visitors to be funny, not headache-inducing.

That’s it! To submit your character for possibility as a Hexfield visitor, fill out the form below and email it to with [HEXFIELD] in the subject line:

If your character gets picked, we will email you back with instructions with when and where they will post their visit. Thanks for your interest!
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Date: 09/10/12
Name: Snowflame | Atop the Fourth Wall
Livejournal: [personal profile] themadmaiden
Roleplay: Not in a game, sometimes I throw him on dear_mun
Why?: Because he's the sort of character that just pops in, is incredibly strange and pops out, leaving everyone all the more confused. Also there's a few of his castmates here.
Subject?: How awesome he is, cocaine, sandwiches, fuzzy slippers, how he is a god....random things. He'll probably start out thinking he's doing another PSA for atop the fourth wall. He's all over the place with his topics.
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Done and done. XD Sorry again about that.