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Morale Points System

Morale Points System Info

Who keeps track of what score the Morale Points System is at?
The mods do.

How do I know what score the game currently has in the Morale Points System?
You don't! The current score is hidden to all except the mods. However, at each week change we will give you a hint on your score by describing the current satellite morale. The scale ranges as such, from worst to best:

* Unbearable
* Horrendous
* Awful
* Nasty
* Poor
* Bad
* Negative
* Yucky
* Neutral
* Decent
* Positive
* Fair
* Good
* Great
* Awesome
* Fantastic
* Epic

What are Achievements and Failures?
As you earn more morale points for the ship, you’ll unlock achievements with a certain number of points. These achievements may allow you to do more in the ship, allow certain items to appear more often, and even launch some larger plots. Conversely, if you lose enough morale points, you’ll unlock failures...the ship will become more restricted or it will be more difficult to have fun. What are these achievements and failures? Well, you’ll found out when you get them!

What’s the best way to earn Morale Points?
The most surefire way is to complete’ll always get points for completing an experiment! The next best way is to make use of the various weekly effects on the SOL, and use the random events to your advantage. For example, if a ton of pillows, blankets and pajamas appear on the Satellite one week, organizing a slumber party is a great way to earn morale points. For a quick way to earn some points, telling a joke, singing a song or drawing some art about the current experiment or other characters will raise morale. Multimedia posts are completely encouraged in the Cambot to music or video if they help, or post your art!

What Morale Points are all the various activities worth?
It depends, and points may fluctuate with the success or failure of your activities. A wildly successful experiment or event may net you more points than usual; a negative backlash may deduct more points than you expect. Below is a list of activities with how many points they are generally worth:

- Fights between characters with negative consequences – (-10)
- Scrapped experiment – (-10)
- Character death (for Satellite) – (-5)
- Serious damage to the Satellite – (-5)
- Incomplete experiment – (-5)
- Failed jokes; causing discomfort or distrust – (-1)
- Funny jokes – +1
- Funny song, art or video – +3
- Character death (for Deep 13) – +5
- Play, skit or other live entertainment – +5
- Organized event for 3-8 people – +5
- Organized event for 9+ people – +10
- Completed experiment – +10

Wait...if we’re raising morale by making jokes, is it okay to make fun of others on the ship?
Yes. Again, the general rule is that if it’s funny, do it and you’ll be rewarded for it. Even if that humor is at someone else’s expense...usually, it’ll come back around to you eventually! The whole point is just to make life as funny as possible.