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It's Just A Game Mods ([personal profile] itsjustthemads) wrote2011-08-11 12:24 pm

Feedback Post


No roleplaying game is perfect. If you are a player with a concern, then the mods really want to hear about it and try to correct it. To that end, you can really help us by giving us feedback about the game. We want to know what ideas are working and what are not, when there is a problem between you and another player that the mods can help mediate, and what can be improved to make playing here (for you or for anyone) more fun.

Ideally, we would love it if every player could bring their concerns to us directly in IM or e-mail, so we can ask questions and discuss with you a solution, or keep you informed about the process of discussing and correcting the problem. If you feel comfortable going that route, please find the mods’ individuals AIM screennames and the mod e-mail below. We would also be happy to provide individual e-mails if requested.

Mod email:

Lynx - LynxGriffin
Kia - LeSeptieme
Sarah - Universejuice

Be assured that we will be as discreet and confidential as possible. If your concerns are shared with the rest of the game while enacting solutions, they’ll be done so generally and without naming names. Disputes between players will always be handled privately. Your concerns will always be taken seriously; our usual course of action when problems are brought to our attention is to discuss them extensively in mod chat, come up with possible solutions, and implement them. Although the change may not always be obvious or immediate, we’ll do our best to keep you informed about what we are doing in response to your concerns.

We know, however, that not all players are comfortable bringing their concerns directly to the moderators and “outing” themselves. This feedback post is an alternative, with anonymous and screened commenting on. When taking advantage of the anonymous option, please be as specific as possible regarding your concerns; give us all the information you think we’ll need to do something about the problem.

We’ll make every effort to keep anonymous comments in confidence as well. To that end, please also indicate whether you would like a direct response to your anonymous comment (we ask this because we’ll have to unscreen it in order to respond to it, and not all players may want that).

As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions for the moderators, please IM, e-mail, or use this post. Thank you for your help!