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Premise + Info

The time is the not-too-distant future, Next Sunday A.D. The place is way down in Deep 13, where Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank are hatching an evil scheme.

Their evil scheme? To drive a man insane by trapping him on an orbiting satellite and showing him terrible movies. This man was originally Joel Robinson, a sleepy-eyed guy who invented a cadre of wisecracking robots to keep him company while trapped in space. With the help of his robot pals Tom Servo and Crow, Joel managed to survive the bad movies by making fun of them.

That is, until recently, when Joel Robinson happened to escape his predicament in a hidden escape pod. Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank went for the next available replacement: a temp named Mike Nelson. Mike was shot up into space in Joel's place so that the evil experiments can continue. But things haven't gone quite according to plan.

Joel, concerned over Mike's greenhorn riffing abilities and the welfare of his bots, leaves one of his other inventions functioning: the Twin-screw Universal Controller. While Joel originally left it on a setting to let in a few more people to help out Mike, it's started malfunctioning.

Now, all manner of strange people are showing up on the old Satellite of Love. Instead of trying to fix it, Dr. Forrester has decided to just run with it...his goal is still to drive Mike Nelson to insanity. But now, it's up to these strange new arrivals to help make fun of bad stories and keep Mike sane!

Think you have what it takes to survive the worst that Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank can throw at you? Then it's time to put your humor to the test!

What is the Satellite of Love and Deep 13?
The Satellite of Love, or SOL, is where your characters will start in the game. It is home to Mike, the Bots and the theater where experiments are viewed. As a self-sustaining ship, it always has enough food, water, air, gravity, and just general stuff. The SOL never really lacks anything you may need, except probably mountains or mule deer or other nature-y things, and even then those may show up now and then.

Deep 13 is the headquarters of the Mads, a secret base hidden deep within the earth, below where Gizmonic Institute used to be. It is also host to most anything you could want or need.

Who are the Mads?
The mad scientists, or "Mads" are they are often called, are Dr. Forrester and his assistant, TV's Frank. They run the experiments and exercise control over the Satellite of Love. While the Mads are indeed quite evil, they are also very silly. TV's Frank is often mutilated or killed by Dr. Forrester when he goes into a mad rage, but he bears it with a grin.

Who is Mike Nelson?
Mike Nelson was Joel Robinson's replacement when Joel managed to escape to Earth after viewing the Joe Don Baker film Mitchell. He is an easygoing, very average sort of fellow, if perhaps a little easy to torment. The Mads intended for Mike to be their only subject, but things have gone a little awry...

Who are the Bots?
The bots are wisecracking robots created by Joel Robinson to help him in the theater and around the ship.

Cambot serves as the ship's camera, following around our heroes and recording all of their activities. He never says a word, but he helps out by cuing up music or movies and handling some other technology needs. For Just A Game, Cambot has created hundreds of copies of himself and distributed them throughout the ship to help keep an eye on all the new occupants. No matter where you are on the SOL, there is likely a Cambot keeping watch nearby.

Gypsy, the only female bot, runs the entire satellite. She guides the ship, fixes problems, and makes sure everything is working properly. She will hang out with the other bots sometimes, but is not a very good jokester, so she doesn't enter the theater. However, she may need some help around the ship now...

Tom Servo is one of the two wisecracking bots. He is an intellectual (sort of), knows most everything there is to know, and has an underwear collection. He doesn't have legs and his arms are useless, so he travels via a hoverskirt.

Crow T. Robot (Crow for short) is Tom Servo's companion; an artist who likes to write screenplays or dress up like movie monsters. Tom and Crow love tormenting each other and any other sorry soul they can play their pranks on.

Is there any way to escape the Satellite of Love?
Nope. Joel used an escape pod hidden in a box of hamdingers, and there are no more boxes marked hamdingers.

Oh come on, my character should totally be able to escape this place!
No really, there is no way to get off. The only way you will be leaving is if the Mads specifically bring you down, which they will do in some instances, but it's not something you really want to try for.