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Game Rules

1) The Rule Of Funny. When in doubt, just keep this rule in mind. Is it funny? Awesome, that’s what this game is all about. Is it just fun or dramatic? That’s also cool. There’s some things, however, that are unfunny, and these definitely break the first and cardinal rule: The Rule Of Funny. Some unfunny things are below:

2) Wank is pretty unfunny...well, at least it is when you’re participating in it. Berating, harassing or intimidating other players, whether ICly, OOCly or in anon spaces, isn’t funny. Don’t do it.

3) Trolling the authors of the fanfics being riffed sucks all the funny out of the game. These authors are volunteering their work with the knowledge that this is all in fun, and should not be harassed or teased for it. Same goes for published authors. If you’re found to be trolling authors of riffed material, you and your unfunny ways will be kicked out of the game.

4) Lazy or blatantly OOC writing is pretty unfunny, especially for your cast mates who have to work around your character suddenly acting not like themselves. You don’t have to stress your perfection, because that’s not so fun either, but do your best to be IC and try to be consistent with your character’s voice. Then you and your cast mates will be rolling in the funny!

5) God-moding is really unfunny for the person you’re playing with. So don’t control another character without their player’s permission. If they do give you their permission to control or direct their character for a tag or two, then by all means, go for some lols.

5) Suddenly finding your character thrust into a player-run game-wide plot when you’ve got something else planned isn’t that funny, so ask the mods before starting any plot that will affect lots of characters or the SOL. Some plots in general are automatically unfunny (rape, mutilation, torture, etc.) and should be avoided.

6) Being left hanging in a thread for weeks is rather unfunny. You have the freedom to backtag as much as you like, but please be aware that other players are depending on you, especially in logs with more than three characters. In experiments, work out the best method with your teammates to riff in the time you’re given. And to prove that you have read all these rules and FAQ, include the phrase “he tried to kill me with a forklift” at the end of your application.

7) Being crude or offensive to your fellow players in chat is pretty dang unfunny. Don’t do it.

8) Joining the communities before you’re accepted isn’t unfunny, but it’s just plain silly! So please don’t join the communities with your personal journal or your character’s journal until your application has been accepted. When you are accepted, just post your character’s application (sans RP samples) in the profile of your character’s journal so that others can quickly look up info on your character if they want to.