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30 June 2012 @ 06:05 pm
Twenty-Second Week  
[Dr. F looks loaded down with bags, badges, poster tubes and he taking a trip somewhere?]

Dr. F: ‘Fraid I’m not staying around today, weirdos...I’m off to the Annual Mad Scientist Convention over in Little Shoe, Wisconsin! This year I’m bound to wow them with my hyper-reality cloning probe! And once I win the Best Of Madness Award, I’ll finally have the funds to inflict the worst stories EVER on you! AHAHAHA!

So, wish me luck, everyone! Hugs and kisses, buh-bye. Frank, you’re in charge for the week.

[With that, he heads out the door. Frank comes onscreen, obviously very excited to be in charge!]

Frank: Well everyone, looks like I’m sending you your experiment this week! Let’s seeee, heeere, what does Dr. F have on the schedule, hmmmm... [He pulls up a clipboard.] Oh, another chapter of’The Playboy Sheikh’s Virgin Stable-Girl’!

[He bounces on his heels] Ohboyohboyohboy I’m gonna make Dr. Forrester sooooo proud!

Your characters get a bit of a strange switcheroo this week. Every character that is normally human gets turned into an animal or robot this week! It can be any animal (or robot) that you want; it’s the player’s choice. In the meanwhile, any character that is normally non-human (such as all animals and robots) will become a human this week!

If your character is a non-human but is still pretty close to one (such as Zidane or Wilykit) then they can go either’s up to you whether they turn into a full animal or a full human. It’s also up to you whether your character gains or loses the power of speech upon their change. Whichever way it goes, animals and humans can still all understand each other.

Expect a visitor to the SOL on Thursday of this week.

Your experiment this week is chapter 2 of The Playboy Sheikh’s Virgin Stable-Girl, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Dick Grayson
Hope Estheim

Current SOL morale is:

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17 June 2012 @ 07:31 pm
Twenty-First Week  
[It’s actually nighttime before Dr. F finally makes his weekly call...and even then, he walks in in a green robe and slippers, looking a bit disheveled.]

OH. Right, experiments. Um, sorry about that...‘fraid I slept late...then Frank’s stupid little dog got sick all over the carpet...had to unclog the toilet...quarterly taxes...and then something was on and I just lost track of time. It’s a Saturday, what’re you gonna do?

But better late than never! Your experiment this week is a real painful sampling of time-travel bodice-ripping romance! Don’t get your hopes up, though...this book makes Truly, Madly, Viking look like a Jane Austen novel! It’s a little something we like to call Knight Moves! Hope you enjoy a whole lot of potty humor!



The SOL decides to treat everyone like a princess this week! ...Unfortunately, that’s not always a good thing. Several decks transform completely into specific settings from various princess fairy tales.

- The Cafeteria Deck changes into a pleasant woodland area, with a tiny little cottage at the end where the food synthesizer was. It may still be possible to farm this area. However, don’t eat any of the apples from the trees growing on this deck, or there may be some terrible consequences...
- The Recreational Deck turns into an old chateau, a little run-down but still nice overall. However, if your characters stay on this deck for more than three hours, they’ll soon find themselves locked onto this deck and forced to do extensive chores if they want to leave again.
- The Theatrical Deck appears to have been transformed into a tower interior, full of beautiful paintings all over the wall and ceiling. While this deck is nice overall, characters staying here too long may start to experience severe cabin fever, and have their hair grow very long very quickly.
- The Media Deck appears to have turned into a castle interior full of frightening-looking monster sculptures. Luckily, there’s still a large library here. However, characters may notice the furniture on this deck moving around on its own.
- The Nature Deck is now completely underwater, with a huge coral palace hiding at the bottom. Luckily, there’s boats and scuba gear at the deck’s entrance if you want to go down and investigate the castle. Don’t stay in the water too long though, or you might start growing fins...
- The Weapons Deck turns into a wooded area with a cottage, although as the week goes on, the area begins to get choked up with nasty-looking thorns. Any characters that remain here too long will fall into a deep they can’t wake from unless they receive true love’s kiss.

As an additional effect, small woodland animals seem to appear out of nowhere and begin to follow around female characters...especially if they sing.

Your experiment is chapter one of Knight Moves, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:


Current SOL morale is:

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02 June 2012 @ 07:18 pm
Twentieth Week  
[Dr. F appears onscreen, looking rather sunburnt. The camera is uncomfortably close in on his face.]

Dr. F: Hey there, cowpokes. Just got back from a business trip to Houston, and it is hot, hot, HOT there! This inspired me to put an above-ground pool down here in Deep 13, so that I can cool off when the Texas heat gets too much for my fragile pink skin!

[The camera zooms out to show that Forrester is currently chilling in a large, blue pool. He’s got little green hearts on his swim trunks.]

And to simulate the true southwestern above-ground pool experience, I’ve added some leaves from eucalyptus trees, some black dirt in one corner, a whole bunch of dead mosquitoes, and that vague hot dog-y smell from the next house over! Now I’m ready to enjoy an afternoon of screaming kids and Frank’s dog trying to drink the pool water!

Frank: [Comes running straight at the pool with a huge pair of sharp hedge clippers, pointed forward.] Hey Dr. F, lookit this thing I found! It’s my favorite oversized hedge clippers!

Dr. F.: Frank, NOOO!-- [The feed cuts out.]

It’s geosynchrynous satellites of the oooold west! This week, the SOL takes on a definite rodeo theme...the recreation deck is set up like a rodeo, full of stands and hay bales; and bulls, calves and horses appear with great frequency on the nature deck. The theatrical deck also fills up with mostly cowboy and western costumes. If your characters decide to put on a rodeo competition themselves, they may get some extra morale points for their efforts!

It seems that Dr. F got in a bit of an extra obstacle to the experiment...only non-speaking characters will be riffing this week! Your experiment is chapter three of Modelland, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Perry the Platypus

Current SOL morale is:

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20 May 2012 @ 08:55 pm
Previously On It's Just A Game  
This page contains a brief summary of events and plots that have taken place in It’s Just A Game, along with previous experiments and the teams that riffed them. If you’re looking for a quick look at what’s gone on so far and how the plot has progressed, or if you’re looking up a certain experiment, this is the place to be!

Previously On... )
It's Just A Game Mods
19 May 2012 @ 05:41 pm
Nineteenth Week  
[Dr. F comes onscreen. For once, he looks pretty serious...about as serious as he can get, anyway.]

Dr. F: Hey, stupid...heads. So, I’ve been going over some of the weather reports in your area of space, and there’s this one thing where I’d rather avoid millions in dollars of Satellite damage, so you--

[All of a sudden, there’s a flash of static and the audio goes wonky on the transmission. It seems that someone is trying to interfere here. While there’s still a lot of static, a couple people on board the SOL may recognize the person that appears’s none other than the guy who was here first, Joel Robinson! He’s trying to say something...]

Joel: Hey, I heard abo--**#*#*#*## --did some resea--***##*###***--the problem is that, if y--#*##*****#--eed to find it befo--*#***#*##**--ust sit tight, I’ll--**#--my best to get together some funds, but--#**##***#*--anwhile, whatever you do, don’t--*****#--rvo and Crow! Just kee--##****#**

[The feed cuts out, there’s some more static, and Dr. F comes back onscreen.]

Dr. F: --And that’s what you’ll need to do to keep from crashing. That said, your experiment this week is certain to drive you to blithering insanity with how hipster-skelter-choco-crunchy-crazy it is! It’s the first part of a little something we like to call The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway!


Your characters may feel they’re coming up on a disaster this week...or, more specifically, an animated musical disaster. Characters will discover a number of strange effects and visitors around this week:

- Pieces of clothing may magically disappear one moment, only to reappear the next.
- A horde of talking, singing mice seem to have moved in, pestering characters at every turn with their antics. What’s more, some characters are unlucky enough to shrink down to mouse size.
- The theatrical deck fills up with period costumes for the early 20th century.
- A strange, gray dog periodically pops up around the ship and starts rapping.
- Any characters that are evil may find themselves with eyepatches...even if they don’t actually need them.
- Characters may find some of their valuables getting stolen.
- A bunch of space dolphins and space whales begin to follow the ship. If any of your characters burst into tears at the right time, then they may be able to understand these creatures.
- Any cats or cat-like characters may suddenly get unnecessarily mean.

Also, while it may be hard for most characters to tell, some may notice that the SOL seems to be picking up speed...

Continue to mark any threads with new characters as "TWSN-Approved," as we'll keep calculating points for threads you do with new CR!

Your experiment is part one of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Pinkie Pie
Princess Luna
Minako Aino

Current SOL morale is:

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28 April 2012 @ 10:34 am
Eightteenth Week  
[Dr. F and Frank are currently sitting around the coffee table, sorting through what appears to be a pack of trading cards. Dr. F looks pretty pleased.]

Dr. F: Ah, good day to you and yours, Mike and mob. Somehow in my experiments, I’ve overlooked one of the most evil of past cards!

Frank: [Furiously stuffing cards into a page of plastic sleeves] Don’t look at me!

Dr. F: Trading cards, especially ones involving battle monsters, laugh maniacally in the face of traditional economics by creating tons of worth out of absolutely nothing of value! Therefore, I’m developing a new line of monster trading cards...with my card being the most rare and valuable of all! [He holds up a cardboard card with his scary face plastered all over it.] Because I’m the only one who’s got it! Nhhnhhnhhnhhaa!

Frank: [gasps] You’ve got a limited edition Dr. Forrester foil card! GIMMIEEEEEEE! [He lunges for Dr. F]

Dr. F: [Holding the card out of reach] It’s already got Frank going mad, so it’s only a matter of time before a whole horde of prepubescent boys follows!

However, your experiment this week is a card you can find in any starter pack...a new and thrilling chapter of Twilight!

[He turns back to the scrambling Frank] Fraaank! I’ll give you this special-edition Torgo if you’ll leave me alone!

Frank: Okay! [He takes it.]



Your characters wake up this new week to another transformation seems that this time, everyone on the ship has transformed into a Pokemon! No matter their species, they’ve turned into any variety of Pokemon from any of the five regions. If they turn into something that’s normally over 10 feet tall or 12 feet long, they’ll still be subject to the size limits.

What’s more, as Pokemon, they will be able to use special moves and attacks! Each character is, of course, limited to only four moves...and each of these moves will only work as long as the character remains on the Satellite. You can check what species of Pokemon and moves you’d like your characters to have by looking through or, or ask the mods or fellow players for suggestions.

If any new characters arrive on the Satellite during this week, they will not transform, and will remain as they normally are. If your characters use the time machine during this time, they’ll retain their normal forms and abilities while back in time. While Pokemon can understand each others’ speech, any humans (including those in Deep 13) won’t be able to understand the Pokemon...they’ll just hear them speaking their name.

Will your characters try some competitions to see who can best who in a battle? It’s up to you!

Also, you may want to be on the lookout, as the SOL may get some strange visitors later on this week...

Your experiment is chapter five of Twilight, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

90s Kid

Current SOL morale is:

It's Just A Game Mods
14 April 2012 @ 11:29 am
Seventeenth Week  
Dr. F: Hello, ladies and gentleladies! We here at Deep 13 are quite big into both the movie business, and the evil business. We are also big on the deeply held belief that we are misunderstood geniuses, and that one day the world will bow down before our not-anymore-misunderstood geniosity! So we thought we’d bring in an expert on movies, evil, and misunderstood genius. Ladies and gentlemen, I give yooooou...M. Night Shyamalan!

[And from right behind Dr. F appears...M. Night Shyamalan! He doesn’t seem to be paying that much attention to things, though.]

M. Night: What a twist!

Dr. F: Yes, M. Night Shyamalan! Why don’t you tell them the experiment this week?

M. Night: Your experiment this week is the first chapter of a strange avant-guarde story called Lovestoned! What a twist!

Dr. F: ...Yes. It’s. Quite twisty, indeed. Can you guess what’s going to happen, all you people up there?! I sure can’t!

M. Night: What a twist!

Dr. F: ...Yeah I think we’re done now.



Your characters will begin to notice a series of strange effects around the satellite this week, although most will probably not be able to notice the common theme between them unless they’re a bit genre-savvy. Mostly, these things affect your characters:

- Select characters become capable of seeing dead people.
- Select characters become super-strong: incapable of taking damage or feeling pain.
- Select characters become extremely fearful of the color red.
- Characters will feel strange, listless and confused if they visit the nature deck.
- A strange mermaid appears in the pool on the recreation deck.

And that’s just the start of it! A few more things may start happening as the week goes on....

Your experiment is chapter one of Lovestoned, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:


Current SOL morale is:




Congratulations! Your characters have unlocked the Helpful Tom Servos achievement! The extra Tom Servos on the Servo deck will now be helpful and do whatever is asked of them 99% of the time. While there’s still a chance that they’ll be unruly, your characters will have a much easier time getting them to assist you with whatever they need!
It's Just A Game Mods
01 April 2012 @ 09:16 am
Sixteenth Week  
[Both Mads are sorting through a whole mess of laundry, although it looks like most of it is green and black. Dr. F looks up towards the camera.]

Dr. F: Hey there, stinkerinos. It’s our annual laundry day! You’ll have to forgive Frank and me, we tend to get a little domestic around this time of year anyway.

Frank: Dr. F, I wanna organize the sock drawer this time!

Dr. F: Of course, Frank. Welllll, I’d say it’s about time for you guys to get another chapter of Truly, Madly, Viking! Enjoy your hunky Norsemen, sweaty housewives and horny whales, and stay fresh!



Nothing really unusual happens this week. No, really, nothing weird pops out or happens to your characters. Instead, it may be in your characters’ best interest to check out their latest unlocked achievement, and to perhaps formulate some plans...

However, morale points go through another change this week! This week, morale points are only worth one-tenth of their normal value. This may seem to your character’s detriment, but at the end of the week, whatever their total earned score is this week will then act as a multiplier (or divider!) to their previous total. This means that if your characters play their cards right, they have the chance to boost morale a massive amount! But if they’re not careful, this means they can also lose a ton of points!

Also, expect a Hexfield visitor to the SOL on Tuesday of next week!

Your experiment is chapter three of Truly, Madly, Viking, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:


Current SOL morale is:




Congratulations, your characters have unlocked the Time Machine! This new tool allows you a whole lot more freedom on what your characters can do! However, there are some rules and restrictions for the time machine that you need to keep in mind...

- No more than TWO PEOPLE can use the time machine at any given time. There isn't room for any more.
- While two people are back in time, more can follow them back in groups of two if people so wish. However, they all have to go back to the SAME time and can't have, say, one group go to 1960 while another group is still in 1940.
- You may only go back to any given point in time once. After that, the machine recalibrates and won't work for that time again. What counts as a "point in time?" It varies, but for the most part, a year counts as one point in time.
- You can go back in time and bring ONE PERSON with you to the Satellite of Love. If you intend to bring one person back with you, then only one person can use the time machine: again, it only holds two.
- If you choose to bring a certain person back with you, then you will be NPCing them with your own character's journal. There are, however, a few exceptions to this...
- Right now, your characters can only travel into the past, not the future. However, if you punch in the correct dates and coordinates, you CAN receive inanimate objects from the future. You can only receive one object at a time, and like with traveling, you can only receive one object per time period.
- Unfortunately, Cambot cannot follow you back through time and broadcast to the SOL. This means that if you have a group of characters go back in time, you will have to RP them with logs instead of the network, and characters on the ship won't know what's happened to them until they return to the SOL.
- Your characters can only travel back in time to this earth's timeline. They cannot travel back in time to their own world's time or an alternate earth's time.
- While your characters are back in time, their powers and special abilities are restored in full. Be careful where you use them, though...this earth is not accustomed to magic or special powers! Also, while special powers are restored, your characters will not find large personal items or weapons...those are still missing.
- For the sake of RPing ease, the amount of time your characters spend in the past will also match with the amount of time passing on the SOL. This means that if your character spends three days in the past, they will also be missing from the SOL for three days.
- While you have a lot of freedom now in time travel, be forewarned...your time-travel shenanigans will likely affect the SOL and your morale points in the future!
- The time machine will remain open for longer than just this game week, so if you don’t do all of your traveling now, you still can later. However, there is a chance that it won’t remain open or usable forever...
It's Just A Game Mods
18 March 2012 @ 08:20 pm
Fifteenth Week  
Dr. F: Gooood morning, Satel-lame-ite of Love! Say, you ever stop to think about nostalgia?

F: All the time!

Dr. F: Eeeexactly. And the great thing about nostalgia is that it screws those rose-colored glasses onto your face good and tight, preventing you from seeing things for the slop they really are! Take, for example, that wondrous decade know as The Eighties!


Dr. F: So you can keep track of the visions in your dreams, yes, those Eighties. Nearly everyone looks back on the Eighties with at least some degree of nostalgic fondness. Well, I hypothesize that if you were drenched in 100% Pure Concentrated Eighties for, say, a week’s time, you’d rethink that nostalgic fondness right quick! Which is why I’m going to do just that.


Dr. F: Frank here will provide some musical accompaniment. Let’s see how long you can survive this nightmarish decade, lab rats! nnhnnhnnhHAHAHA!


Dr. F: And speaking of nightmares from your past, your experiment this week brings us back to that plagiarized lameness known as Eragon! Quit dragon tail and read that rot!



It’s Eighties Week on the Satellite of Love! Your characters may encounter a number of different effects...
- Characters may frequently hear synth music around the ship, or find a lot of it in the media deck.
- Any characters that are of high school age may suddenly appear to be in their thirties. The change is only in looks, not mentally.
- Female characters may find that their hair is poofy and frizzy, and male characters may find that their hair is feathered or mulleted. Attempting to restyle hair back to its original style usually results in disaster.
- An abundance of leg warmers, skintight leotards and wristbands appear in the theatrical deck and even in characters’ closets.
- Any characters that have an eighties version of themselves (My Little Pony, Transformers, Tron, etc.) will suddenly find themselves appearing as their eighties versions.

Your experiment is chapter three and four of Eragon, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Harry Dresden

Current SOL morale is:


(As a side note: we can't do prizes for lasertag yet, since we have NOT gotten replies yet from everyone who participated. Please make sure you reply to the post below with your characters' scores!)
It's Just A Game Mods
03 March 2012 @ 03:29 pm
Fourteenth Week  
Good afternoon, sweet buns of space steel. I, Dr. Clayton Forrester, often suffered the scorn and derision of my peers in my school years. But none of this was more painful than the silent treatment often given to me by girls. Now, years later when it hardly matters, I’m taking it out on them by not talking to any girls this week! See how you like it now, huh, huh?! Look at me nooooot talking to you! Lalala not talkiiiing! This is a boys-only club!

Speaking of boys-only, there’s nothing quite so male-oriented in the world of fiction as science fiction! And we’ve got some quite awful science fiction for you this week...nothing less than L. Ron Hubbard’s masterfail, “Battlefield Earth!” Try achieving a state of clear now, losers!



Dr. Forrester will refuse to talk to any female characters this week! ...Which, really, may be a pretty nice thing for all female characters.

But there’s more around the SOL this week, too! The weapons deck suddenly overloads with what looks like guns and armor...what’s more, they look like laser guns. The laser guns fire either red or green beams of light, but the light doesn’t seem to actually harm anyone. Instead, anyone struck by one particular color beam will get a number printed on their forehead in the color they were first struck with, and whoever made the successful shot will get a number in the same color on the back of their right hand. In other words, the number on a character’s forehead is the total number of shots they’ve gotten hit by, and the number on the back of a character’s hand is the number of successful hits they’ve made.

To that end, it’s all-out laser war on the SOL! Teams are arbitrary...whichever gun and armor your characters pick up first is the team they are automatically assigned to for the week, if they choose to participate. At the end of the week, whoever gets the highest number on their hand for both red and green teams will win a prize...but whoever gets the highest number on their foreheads will get something else, but a little less fun! Also, depending on which team has the best overall score may affect your morale points greatly! There will be an OOC sign-up post so that your characters can get assigned to either red or green team.

Your experiment this week is chapters 1 and 2 from Battlefield Earth, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Squall Leonhart
Zidane Tribal
Maes Hughes

Current SOL morale is:

It's Just A Game Mods
18 February 2012 @ 06:53 pm
Thirteenth Week  
[Frank is observing the Left Behind story reel, while Dr. F looks rather annoyed.]

Dr. F: New rule, Frank: no unholy chaos gods in the experiments! And only one experiment a week! You’ve really mucked up this one.

Frank: So sir, we’ve got this unspeakable abomination of chaotic nightmares sealed up in a can. What do you think we should do with it?

Dr. F: Ohhh, let’s just stick it in the closet for now. It’s karaoke night!

Frank: Wooooo! [He does a little dance.]

Dr. F: Let’s get going; I’m feeling rather musical tonight.

[The two mads walk offscreen. So does the SOL get a break, too? Unfortunately no, as after a little while, Dr. F walks back in.]

Dr. F: Ohh, you’re not getting off THAT easy, you dirty ducks! Just for this stunt you pulled, I’m sticking you all with a book so intentionally awful it’ll make your brains rot right out your nose! In fact, it’s so toe-curlingly-bad that I think we’ll be subjecting it to you quite often! This week you’re diving right into the pain, pain, painful first chapter of the infamous Atlanta Nights! Sleep tight!



Your characters may find themselves with the urge to sing a song as well this fact, you could say it’s a very musical week on the SOL! A mysterious karaoke machine appears on Deck Seven, and anyone who uses it will in turn get infected by the “music bug.” What’s more, this “bug” seems to be viral, as anyone who interacts with a person who’s used the karaoke machine will also get infected!

If your character catches the music bug, they won’t be able to go more than a sentence or two into any conversation without singing their dialogue. Most importantly, infected characters will feel compelled to burst into song about any given topic...sometimes complete with dance numbers.

Your experiment this week is chapter one of Atlanta Nights. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Iron Liz

Current SOL morale is:

It's Just A Game Mods
04 February 2012 @ 01:28 pm
Twelfth Week  
Dr. F and TV’s Frank show up on the screen, dressed as cowboys, complete with sticks to chew on.]

Dr. F: Haaaay there, horsefeathers. Can’t stand to chew the cud with you, I’m afraid. We gotta trot out this week’s experiment so we can gallop on over to the local rodeo. And this week’s experiment? The Playboy Sheikh’s Virgin Stable-Girl. It’s got horses in it! Purebred, Halfbred, whole wheat bred, you name it. You better saddle up, lil’ doggies, because the mane thing you’ll be getting from this tall tail is a whole lotta pain! It’ll be-hoof you to prepare for a stampede of stupidity! Colt you possibly handle it? I say to you, neigh! Your bridle ways of lazing about and utter fillyness are at a horse’s end!

Huuuh, huuuh?! You like all my horse and cowboy puns, you punsters? Dr. F can dish it out, too!

Frank: ...Doesn’t this week’s experiment take place in some fantasy Middle Eastern country?

Dr. F: [After a long pause] You’re on stable duty first, Frank!

Frank: Aww.



Your characters will wake up this week to a rather shocking discovery...nearly every person on board the ship has been transformed into a pony! While most characters will be earth ponies, characters with an affinity for magic or a special skill may be unicorn ponies (although magic still does not work), and characters that can fly, are highly athletic or the like may be pegasus ponies. Characters will also have cutie marks symbolizing their special talent, skill or identity, although very young characters may not have their cutie mark yet. If your character has a particular accessory or article of clothing that they’re almost never without, they’ll likely get to keep that on even as a pony.

Humans will become ponies, and robots will become robo-ponies! But other characters may get different things...if your character is a canine, they will become a Diamond Dog; if they’re a bird, they will become a griffin, and if they’re a reptile, they will become a baby dragon. And if your character is already a pony, then obviously, they stay as themselves. If you’re not sure if your character’s species fits into one of those, you can default to a pony, or ask the mods for suggestions.

Also, this transformation is a one-time happenstance...if any new characters arrive on the Satellite during this game week, they will remain as their normal selves, and not turn into ponies.

It’s up to your characters how they deal with this unexpected transformation! But be forewarned...the SOL may be getting a visitor later in the week!

Your experiment this week is chapter one of The Playboy Shiekh’s Virgin Stable-Girl. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:


Current SOL morale is:

It's Just A Game Mods
21 January 2012 @ 06:11 pm
Eleventh Week  
[Hmm, Dr. Forrester and Frank mostly seem pretty calm and happy when they show up to give this week’s experiment...]

Dr. F: Hello, boobies! Maybe it’s just because you all are in such a tizzy, but I’m feeling real generous this week! See, I could punish Frank for his gross negligence last week, but I’ve decided there’s just no need for that! I’ve come up with something much more useful and humane! Isn’t that right, Frank?

Frank: That’s right, Clay! I’ve volunteered to have my brain hooked up to hundreds of tiny electrodes every night. They download my every thought into a supercomputer for the purposes of assembling a properly-working artificial intelligence...and I don’t even have to lift a finger!

Dr. F: And with that, not only do I get a simple means of creating an A.I. for later projects, but Frank gets no permanent physical damage!

Frank: [nods happily] My spine sure is thankful! As the great William H. Macy once said, rumors of our compromise are greatly appreciated.

Dr. F: As for you, I’d say it’s high time for another healthy dose of the infamous should be extra-annoying now that most of you are still crazy-clone-combobulated!



The dark spectres that are remaining on the ship continue to cause trouble, spewing their green goo, screeching at characters and messing with ship functions. Gravity has increased, making it difficult to move, and some strange mushrooms are leeching life from the nature deck. While their violent and nasty tactics continue, there are a few good things: any new characters showing up on the SOL will not get a spectre upon arriving. Also, morale points have returned to normal and are no longer on double duty.

Also, upcoming character shenanigans should get rid of all of the remaining spectres by the end of next OOC week, so if you’d like to have your character take out their own spectre in their own way before then, be sure to do it soon!

Once all the spectres are gone, they may even get rewarded for their efforts...along with something else!

Hexfield: Expect a visitor to the SOL Friday of this week.

Your experiment this week is chapter four of Twilight. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:


Current SOL morale is:

It's Just A Game Mods
07 January 2012 @ 09:31 am
Tenth Week  
[Frank is currently grooming a troll doll.]

Hi, everyone! How’s tricks? I’m afraid Dr. F won’t be in today. He was on the phone with Steven Spielberg for four hours last night after that FX made-for-TV-movie marathon and now he’s down in the lab trying to clone a Utahraptor. You know how it goes. So I’m supposed to send you your experiment, aaaaand it looks like...first chapter or two of something called “The Eye of Argon!”

I don’t know what it’s about, but have fun anyway, kids! Just page me if ya need something, my number’s on the fridge.



You would think this would be a quiet week around the SOL, but all sorts of things seem to have happened overnight. Your characters will wake up on the same Satellite, except somehow it looks...different. While all the decks and functions are the same, the decor of it seems to have changed to a more complex-looking, blue-hued ship. However, that’s not the worst of what’s happening now...

Early in the week, characters will start having dark spectre versions of themselves showing up and following them around. These “shadow-selves” look exactly like your characters, except their skin, clothes and hair are all colored gray and black. No one can hear the spectres speak except their original selves...your character can’t hear what other spectres say, but they can hear their own dopplegangers. These spectres start out just by whispering nasty things...telling you that your friends are fat, lazy and stupid, and that you should tell them what you really think of them. Sometimes the spectres will switch things around and remind you of what a useless, stupid loser you are. For the most part, these spectres are easy to ignore.

But as the week goes on, things get worse and worse. The dark spectres begin to act more annoying, tripping people in the halls, pushing them around, or stealing their food and possessions. If your character is riffing this week, they may even interfere with the experiments! By the end of the week, they’re an absolute nightmare. Your dark spectre will latch itself onto you or your nearby friends, biting, clawing and shrieking obscenities in your ears. They start to spew sticky green goop from their mouths that will ensnare or weaken characters. And if you don’t watch out, they’ll get into the 12th deck and begin messing with ship functions...gravity, air pressure, the food synthesizer, even hull integrity. Worst of all, unlike most strange effects on the ship, the dark spectres won’t just disappear at the end of the week. It’s up to you to get rid of them!

And how do you get rid of them? Well, luckily these dopplegangers are just as squishy as you are, which means beating them into submission or killing them works fine. Your best bet may be to shoot them out the nearest airlock. Something might happen if you get rid of all the dark spectres, though...

What’s more, this event has triggered something in the morale points system...morale points are now worth double! This means that your morale-boosting activities will earn you twice as many points...but at the same time, you will also lose double the points for poor morale. And with these spectres roaming around, morale is definitely in jeopardy!

Your experiment this week is chapters 1 and 2 from The Eye of Argon and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Iron Liz

Current SOL morale is:

It's Just A Game Mods
24 December 2011 @ 09:49 pm
Ninth Week  
[Frank is currently passed out on the couch, surrounded by burnt caramel corn, various kinds of alcohol and gingerbread cookies. It looks like there was recently an explosion in a hastily-constructed fireplace. Dr. F walks onscreen, looking battered and a little weary.]

Dr. F: Ohhhh, he’s so cute sleeping like that. I could almost forgive him for trying to pop already-popped caramel corn and setting the living room on fire. But instead I’m just not getting him a Christmas present. Which. I’m not getting him anyway.

[He glances back up at the camera] Whaa-aaat? You gonna judge? How about you have another deliciously spicy helping of ‘The Thirteenth?’ Just a little fruitcake for all you fruitcakes!



There’s one more wave of Christmas special effects showing up on the ship this week! In addition to everything else, look out for these:

- Characters may find Christmas crackers (explosives) around the place.
- Characters may feel the urge to speak in rhyme.
- Jelly beans and Christmas ornaments may be found scattered on the hall floors...don’t go and trip on them!
- Characters may find a very long-eared donkey wandering around the decks.
- If a character rings a bell, they'll later receive a thank-you note from an angel for the wings.

In-game Christmas will actually be this coming Wednesday. Your characters will wake up to a special seems Santa has visited the Satellite! Each character receives a small gift at the foot of their beds! It’s up to you what gift your characters will receive.

One more thing: there will be a Christmas party set up by Mike and the bots starting at Today, so that people have time to tag into it. Everyone is invited! But beware...your character is likely to end up with some unexpected consequences if they attend!

Your experiment this week is chapter one of The Thirteenth. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Maes Hughes
Dr. Insano

Current SOL morale is:

It's Just A Game Mods
10 December 2011 @ 08:19 pm
Eighth Week  
[Both the Mads are curled up on the couch, under a pile of tacky Santa Claus blankets. There appears to be something on the T.V. in front of them. It sounds like a Rankin-Bass special.]

Dr. F: Well, hello and a happy holiday to you and yours, Winter Wonder-dweebs! Frank and I figured that this year, we’d have a relaxing Christmas break and not get each other gifts!

Frank: [Looks a bit upset] Oh. Well, uh...I got you something...

Dr. F: Oh. That’s. Nice, Frank.

Frank: And it was...kind of expensive...

Dr. F: Very sweet of you, Frank. Anyways, we’re going to spend our holiday doing the only thing cranky and bitter families can agree to do Christmas specials! Whether you’re watching loveable clay-mation Rudolph, or Tim Allen putting on a fat suit once again, Christmas specials unite everyone from pseudo-liberal college hipsters to their creepy uncles who forward them conservative scare emails under that glorious emblem of evil: commercials! What better way to celebrate your consumer spirit than by indulging in three to four hours worth of them!

And in the spirit of the consumerist season, we’d like to present you with a warm helping of Modelland, written by the very famous Tyra Banks! Harry Potter, it ain’t!



It’s Christmas time on the Satellite of Love! And your characters will get to experience some Christmas specials of their own, even if they don’t get to actually watch them. A number of different effects spring up during the week, and here’s just some of them for starters:

- It begins snowing on the Nature Deck. Any snowmen made with the snow on the deck and then given a hat will come to life, and start to sing and dance.
- The Weapons Deck goes completely empty, save for one tiny, scraggly little Christmas tree, with a too-heavy ornament on it. Maybe it just needs a little sprucing up?
- Characters may discover ‘misfit toys’ in their rooms.
- No matter what people ask for from the food synthesizer, they will get what they ask for, but also get Who Pudding or Roast Beast.
- Characters find a really good homemade backscratcher in the bathroom.
- Any dogs or canine characters may discover fake antlers tied onto their heads.

Look out, because more strange effects and visitors will show up as the week goes on and into the next!

Your experiment this week is chapter one of Modelland. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Sam the Eagle
Princess Luna

Current SOL morale is:

It's Just A Game Mods
26 November 2011 @ 05:20 pm
Seventh Week  
[Once again, just Frank is giving the experiment this week.]

Well hello there all you cute characters in the sky! I’m afraid it’s time for more literary lameness, and according to Dr. F this week’s experiment is a reeeeeal doozy. For all you Renaissance Festival Freaks, you’re gonna enjoy this’s the first chapter of Eragon, which is just like “Dragon” except it’s one letter off on the keyboard! Neat, huh? I tell ya, nothing works as well in the world of fantasy as good ol’ plagiarism. I could go for some of that myself. Haaaave fun!


Your characters will be finding a lot of Renaissance Festival stuff around the SOL this week, on both the Theatrical and Weapons Decks. There’s jousting equipment, mythril armor, a myraid of costumes for pirates, knights, wenches and princesses, leather mugs, flags, 8-dollar turkey legs, small pewter sculptures, and some horses showing up on the Nature Deck. Most of the decks also smell strongly of beer and mulch.

It’s up to you what you do with all these new things! Perhaps it would be fun to put on your own Renaissance Festival...

Hexfield: Expect a visitor to the SOL on Tuesday/Wednesday of this week.

Your experiment is chapter one from Eragon, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

The Doctor
Falco Lombardi

Current SOL morale is:

It's Just A Game Mods
12 November 2011 @ 07:52 pm
Sixth Week  
[Dr. F is nowhere to be found. However, Frank is hanging around at the console...and singing]

Raindrops keep fallin’ on Clay’s head...
And that probably means that I sooooon will be dead...
But cryin’s not for me, ‘cause... [He then stops]

Helloooo everyone! How are you all today? ‘Fraid it’s a rainy day down here. One of those days where you just wanna sleep in all day with a cup of coffee and and curl up on the couch with a Matlock marathon on. But as they say, experiments stop for no weather, so we still gotta give ya one. This week we’ve got a big ol’ series of chain letters for you to look over!

You know I got one of those chain letters once. Sent them a dollar in the mail, and next week, I got another letter asking for another dollar! So I sent another one! Sent dollars for almost five months. I should be getting my returns on that real soon...ohhh yeah, I’ll have enough cash to buy that Manimal boxset and a years’ worth of bugles.



It’s a rainy day on the SOL, too! All week characters will see rain falling outside the Satellite. No, there’s no real explanation why. If you try and take a subpod or suit outside, your equipment will quickly get jammed and malfunction. Looks like characters will be stuck indoors all week.

But luckily, there’s something else happening around the SOL. The theatrical deck is suddenly overcrowded with extra pillows, blankets, and comforters. For some reason, even the weapons deck is stuffed full of pillows. A wide variety of pajamas can also be found both in characters’ closets and in the costume deck. There is also a plethora of board games, flashlights and comic books to be found. It seems like your characters should be able to do something interesting with these new materials...and if your characters decide to engage in board games, they may get extra morale points, too!

Your experiment this week is a series of five different email chain letters, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Phineas Flynn
Rin Tezuka

Current SOL morale is:

It's Just A Game Mods
29 October 2011 @ 08:26 pm
Fifth Week  
[Dr. Frank appears onscreen, looking fairly smug. Behind him appears to be a large water tank with...Frank inside it?]

Ah, hello again loserites. Say, you ever notice how whales bring in the big bucks? All those great big sea mammals do is eat shrimp and occasionally splash, and they’ve got well-meaning WASPs and vegans just lining up to give them money in order to save them! Well, Dr. Forreter wants a cut of the profit, too!

That’s why I’ve gone and spliced Frank’s genes so that he’s now a new species of whale! And since he’s the only one of his kind, he’s far more endangered than your usual blue whales or humpbacks. Once I spread his adorable little chubby face across televisions everywhere, I’ll just sit back and let the cash roll on in! That means you, too! I invite you all to SAVE THE FRANK! He’s big, cuddly, and eats shrimp by the bucketful! So send your donations to 1-800-SAV-FRNK, and you’ll get a free picture of Frank the Whale and an official guarantee that I probably won’t kill him today!

And on that note, your experiment this week is from an incredibly silly and incredibly bad time-travel romance called Truly, Madly, VIKING! Ta-ta!


This week, the SOL runs into a pod of space whales! These gentle giants won’t do much other than jostle the ship from time to time, but if you’re flying outside the ship at all in a subpod or other contraption, you may want to be careful, as the space whales may mistake you for a bit of space krill! What you do with the space whales is up to you.

There is a Fire Drill on Thursday/Friday of next week. Make of that what you will...

Your experiment is chapter one from Truly, Madly, Viking, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

Pinkie Pie

Current SOL morale is:


**Achievement Unlocked!**

Your characters have unlocked an achievement! You now have the Cuddly Nature Deck! Adorable animals such as puppies, kittens and the like will appear on the Nature Deck with a greater frequency. Even wild animals will be a bit nicer around visitors, however, you are most likely to see sweet and domesticated animals now.
It's Just A Game Mods
15 October 2011 @ 05:29 am
Fourth Week  
[Dr. Forrester comes onscreen, looking rather unhappy. He's pacing around and fuming.]

Oh, it's YOU again! Listen, I don't have time to chit-chat! Frank's gone thanks to his stupid little adventure, and I can't get anything done without him here! Geeez, this is why I never let him leave the place! And why he's got a bathroom pass.

Look, I'm awful busy trying to find Frank, so...nnnnngh...just do another chapter of 'Touched by Venom!' You think it's not kid-friendly? Well, nyeh nyeh, it's not human-friendly! And I hope you all get stung by poison chickens!

[Dr. F trudges off, grumbling to himself.]



Legends of the Hidden Temple continues on, with the Temple Run coming up fast! Characters still have the chance to win big morale points if they can manage to find the artifact and get it out of the temple! Any characters that participated in the games but lost have by now gotten their normal clothes back, although they can also keep their Legends shirts.

And who knows where Frank has wandered off to...

In the meanwhile, expect a visitor to the Satellite on Monday/Tuesday of next week.

Your experiment this week is chapter 2 of Touched By Venom, and is now available in the mod email. The following characters have been assigned riff duty:

90s Kid

(Also, if you want your character to participate in experiments, please make sure they're signed up!)

Current SOL morale is: