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Event Suggestions

Event Suggestions

Got an event you’d like to suggest for Just A Game? Then this is the place to do it! If you’ve got a good idea for a crazy event that characters can participate in, we may just include it in a future week change! Before you get going, here’s a few guidelines you should keep in mind:

- Your event must have an opt-out option. No player should feel that they are forced into having a character participate in an event, for IC or OOC reasons. Have your event affect only most people but not all of them, or have certain sections of the ship stay unaffected. In any case, don’t create a situation in which players feel forced into participation.
- Your event should be appropriate for all character ages, genders and species. This means no event that is disturbingly violent, promotes excessive sex, or causes massive loss of life. Cartoon violence, blind dates and the like are fine.
- Your event should not affect the experiments. No matter what happens, the show goes on.
- Your event can use elements or effects from a specific canon, as long as it will not require very detailed knowledge of that canon for players to get. Feel free to pull from obscure canons too, again, as long as anyone can freely jump in.
- Be creative! Most people have seen genderswitch, aged-down or virgin unicorn events in games before. Have fun and come up with something new and interesting that will put your characters in funny situations!

Answer the questions below, and you may just see your event pop up soon!
- Does this event affect the SOL, Deep 13 or both?
- What’s the estimated duration of the event?
- Describe your event and its effects:
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[personal profile] worldinagrain 2012-01-14 11:56 am (UTC)(link)
Area of Effect: the SOL.
Duration: One week or the destruction of the Mothership, whichever comes first.

Perfectly timed to conincide with a sporking of a god-awful space opera, a giant enemy mothership (possibly from one of the cheesier Skiffy canons represented here) appears and demands something ludicrous from the Satellite of Love. Attempts to negotiate with them using hamdingers have failed.

It's a good thing we have a full fighter bay with the trustworthy Spork-class space fighters, huh? (Pay no attention when Gypsy tells you that they're just maintainace EVA pods with some implausibly named weapon strapped to them with duct tape.) Who among the brave crew of the SOL will fight against... THE FLYING SAUCERS FROM BEYOND THE STARS?!

Participation in this event is entirely optional; all you really need to do to stay away from it is not get in a fighter. Oh, and to avoid the cockpit and the outer areas of the hull, which will be shot at with the Protonic Rays of the saucers.

Demands for our surrender and to take us to our leaders on the Hexfield are heavily encouraged.
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[personal profile] beforethemoon 2012-05-01 06:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Area of Effect: the SOL.
Duration: One week.

Event: The characters wake up to find their wardrobe replaced by the typical costume of a Final Fantasy Job Class, based on the characters personality and/or abilities. Isa would be a Warrior or Berserker, for example. They would also find that they're equipped with a weapon and the abilities of said job class. (It may be easiest if we restrict it to the job system of a single game, such as FFXI, or we can just go with the generic job classes)

Characters wandering around the SoL would run into random battles, where they're transported to another plane of existence to fight random monsters. Characters who form parties of three will have a better time fighting monsters.

Basically the SoL turns into a pastiche of a Final Fantasy game for a week.

As for those who want to opt out, well, any good RPG has NPCs, so characters who would like to opt out of the event would count as NPCs are are therefore immune to the effects.
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[personal profile] punsofiron 2012-05-29 04:25 am (UTC)(link)
Area of Effect: SOL
Duration: One week or however long the game takes
Event: Satellite Feud!!! A handful of Satellite denizens get to sign up to participate in a game of Family Feud! Maybe we could have a screened survey the players who aren't participating in can fill out for the game's questions, and maybe the surveys could be related to MST3K trivia or about the SoL itself.
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[personal profile] punsofiron 2012-06-07 07:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Area of Effect: SOL
Duration: standard time for an iJAG event
Event: YO HO, YO HO, A PIRATE'S LIFE FOR US! The Satellite of Love becomes a proud pirate ship, costumes and sea chanties and grog and all. Parrots can be found lurking the nature deck and characters might find themselves subconsciously talking like a pirate. Maybe one of the bots could play the part of a figurehead, and maybe there could even be a canonfight with an enemy ship!

This could even be an event for September, around Talk Like a Pirate Day!
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help I can't stop making suggestions

[personal profile] punsofiron 2012-06-14 11:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Area of Effect: SOL
Duration: either standard time or half time, possibly part of a Halloween event cluster?
Event: Inspired by the Buffy episode Hush, some or all of the SoL wakes up one morning finding themselves completely unable to speak. No matter how loud they try to yell, it's as if their voice isn't even there. We don't need to include the Gentlemen, they're a bit dark for iJAG, but a short laryngitis event might make for some interesting interaction, and maybe even more silent riffing!
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[personal profile] skysmirror 2012-06-17 04:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Area of Effect: SOL
Duration: One IJaG week.
Event: It's a fairy tale week! Suddenly the SoL denizens start becoming affected by familiar fairy tale plots.

--A basket of apples appears in the cafeteria; those who eat one fall into a deep sleep, only to be wakened by a kiss from someone special.
--Spindles appear here and there on the theatre deck; a prick from one will have similar results to eating one of the apples.
--A house made of gingerbread suddenly appears on the nature deck--but be careful, for a witch lives there.
--Also, a dark forest (such as it is) has appeared on the nature deck, for those who dare to brave it. Rumor is that a mean wolf lives there, and anyone who has found a red cloak would not want to wear it while wandering in the trees.
--Shapeshifting abounds: Some characters might find themselves turned into birds or other animals.
--There's a frog wandering around who swears up and down that he'll turn into a prince if one of the ladies kisses him.
--The theatre deck becomes stocked with plenty of fairy-tale themed costumes: prince or princess, bard or minstrel, knight or page--whatever a character wants is there. For knights, the weapons deck becomes stocked with armor and weapons.

All effects wear off at the end of the week.
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[personal profile] skysmirror 2012-06-18 04:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Area of Effect: SOL
Duration: One IJaG week.
Event: It's summer camp, SoL style! Many things with a summer camp theme abound

--Characters may find that their beds have been mysteriously turned into bunk beds.
--Closets are suddenly filled with camp-appropriate clothing (shorts, t-shirts, bathing suit, etc.) all labeled with the character's name.
--Characters also might find their rooms stocked with camping necessities such as flashlight, sunscreen, insect repellant, and a sleeping bag.
--Suddenly the pond/lake on the nature deck is big enough for a bit of canoeing or swimming, with a small swimming area marked off by a dock that has the canoes tied to it.
--Not far from the lake is and area that has been cleared to safely make a reasonably large campfire, perfect for cooking hot dogs or making s'mores.
--The kitchen is stocked with plenty of cook-out food! Hot dogs, some raw veggies, Rice Krispie Treats, and, of course, all the fixings for s'mores. As much as anyone could want.
--Characters might find that the quality of food from the synthesizer, and the variety goes down. What's available might also depend on the day of the week. Also, the only drinks available are water, juice, and Kool-Aid.
--Characters might find themselves humming/singing silly camp songs.
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[personal profile] polaroid_papa 2012-06-28 06:19 am (UTC)(link)
Area of Effect: SOL
Duration: One week
Event: Toon Town
-- Some characters may find themselves feeling a little strange as they are transformed into cartoon characters in various styles. Whether it be the style of the Powerpuff Girls or Hanna-Barbera. Characters who are still human will notice a distinct difference in your appearance.
-- The Theater Deck suddenly has a bunch of boxes from some place called ACME Corp. From anvils to exploding tennis balls these boxes seem to come with all KINDS of things. But, beware, some objects may backfire at the most inconvenient time!
-- But don't worry, nothing Hurts. Characters can have pianos dropped on their heads, anvils, or explode and it will be painful for a few comedic moments but after disintegration you will magically reform for more shenanigans abuse.
-- For that matter, pretty much all cartoon physics are in play now. Need to hide behind that pole? Well suddenly you can! Need to escape someone chasing you? Quick! Draw a painting of a tunnel and run down it like it's actually there. Don't look down and you won't even fall when you're standing over open air.
-- Express yourself! Characters may find when something is shocking their eyes will LITERALLY bulge out of their head or perhaps your jaw will actually fall all the way to the floor. Anime expressions might also come into play like throbbing veins on your forehead if you're angry or a sweat drop if someone does something embarrassing.
-- Characters may find themselves addressing the fourth wall more so than usual, whether it be an unseen audience or the writers themselves.
-- The Weapons Deck is now covered in posters that say "RABBIT SEASON" and "DUCK SEASON"...there may be a few that say other seasons as well. And, when you try to pull them off, a new season pops up.
-- The Cafeteria Deck is littered with banana peels in random not step on them or you'll go flying/skidding across the floor to crash into things.
-- Sound Effects, almost anything you do will come with music or sound effects (ie pizzicato strings for sneaking around). Sometimes you may even SEE the sound effects appear over you (like if you punch someone POW will suddenly appear).
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Because we've been talking about this so much lately...

[personal profile] salvagedlight 2012-08-27 03:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Area of Effect: SOL
Duration: Normal duration
Event: HARRY POTTER WEEK! Because yes, that seems to be on a lot of minds lately.

-Characters wake up (as usual) to find their closets fucked with, with school robes in a variety of different colors replacing their normal clothes. At least they're relatively comfortable and warm, which is good because the heating on the SOL seems to be constantly on the fritz, meaning the place is more chilly than normal and a little more damp just like Scotland in March. Older members of the SOL flock find generic robes with no colors but each seems to have acquired some sort of teaching certificate as well...
-Different levels are transformed to match the theme as well, with the cafeteria taking on the appearance of a large hall with different tables - characters find they can only sit at one specific table, as if their very clothes won't let them go to another one. The recreation deck transforms into a large grassy field and there seems to be brooms that float and a box that kind of bangs around hanging out there, too. Books start floating on their own through the library and occasionally one of them might scream at you to return it to its proper place on the shelf. The nature deck turns into a fully-equipped greenhouse where half the plants seem to be trying to kill you and the weapons deck is suddenly arranged as if for a duel... Whatever place this transformation is based on, it's apparently not all that safe.
-Strange... things start happening when characters show strong emotion: perhaps something explodes, or something warps, or someone even gets a new hairstyle. It all seems to be entirely unpredictable, but those with a sharp wit (and a willingness to do the research) might be able to find some information and perhaps even directions in the library books.
-Characters might perhaps spot ghosts (benign ones) around the SOL who are willing to offer a helping hand with some new abilities if they don't want to go reading a bunch of boring dusty books.
-Most of the food that's produced is very "British," to the bemusement of every single character who isn't from those islands. Bangers and mash, anyone?

And, perhaps, just maybe, there seems to be something creeping through the halls, at night and even just behind you, that seems to be following you, watching you...
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[personal profile] verygassy 2012-09-10 06:54 am (UTC)(link)
Area of Effect: the SOL.
Duration: One game week.
Event: The Sailor Soldier Event.

-Affected characters wake up with the ability to transform into sailor soldiers, with corresponding powers, power up phrases, and clothing. Yup. And while characters can certainly find they have ended up in the tell-tale classic short skirt and sailor top outfit, there are other varieties and really, the sky's the limit when it comes to designs (the only requirement being the clothing has to have the sailor top with it)!
-Affected characters will find that they have sailor soldier powers! Which means that any time they want to do a magical attack, they must say the name of their attack and do a little dance before they can unleash it.
-Affected characters may also find that they have a much heightened sixth sense - being able to predict something wrong before it happens, for example, or "detecting" things about people, entities or places they couldn't detect before, even in their civilian forms.
-Even dying works a little different for affected characters - an odd-looking gem pops out of their chest and their body disintegrates into dust for several seconds. Only to revive on the spot the gem is on, completely intact and uninjured, as if by magic.
-Affected characters may find they have an overwhelming urge to protect someone special to them from harm - their "prince", "princess", or "precious person", as it were. They may talk about it a lot, they may spend a lot of time around said person, and they may even neglect doing things they enjoy doing and/or transform more often for the sake of their "mission".
-Lastly, and speaking of which, affected characters might start to noticeably act different in their sailor soldier forms - more serious, more reflective, more militant, more focused, etc, or at least more so than normal if that's their regular personality. As time goes by, the personality disconnect between their normal selves and their "sailor soldier" self might also become more pronounced, to the point where the "sailor soldier" self and the "normal" self may seem like two completely different people.

-The SoL as a whole will suddenly become more capable of sustaining hits from attacks without too much damage. Which is good, because there will also be random monsters roaming the decks! The monsters' strength range from "one hit and its dead" to "need to team up to beat it".
-All of the clothing has been replaced with Japanese school uniforms.
-The cafeteria deck has been turned into a Japanese high school cafeteria! It serves only Japanese cuisine and all of the furniture is as pink as Pinkie Pie.
-Anyone who enters the recreational deck will be required to wear gym clothes. For boys, its gym shorts and a shirt, but for girls...well...
-The theatrical deck and the weapons deck are all chock full of magical girl weapons in a plethora of colors. Have fun digging through them!
-The media deck now houses a Japanese classroom. Likewise, all of the library material has now been rendered in Japanese.
-The nature deck now has a bunch of talking animals. All of them have bald spots various mystical markings on their forehead.
-Anyone who tries to use the time machine will find they can only visit one place. Incidentally, there's a black spot in the sky near Earth that keeps getting bigger and bigger as time goes by...
-Speaking of which, whatever you do, don't go down to Deck 12. And if you do go down there, don't talk to the red-haired lady with the purple dress on that's down there....
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[personal profile] verygassy 2012-09-10 01:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Area of Effect: Both the SoL and Deep 13!
Duration: One game week.
Event: The Last of the Wild Horses/EVIL UNIVERSE/Mirror Mirror event!

The Mads try to do maintenance by sending a matter transference device to the SoL during an ion storm, and something goes wrong. The result? Evil alternate universe is a go!

Evil/Spockverse SoL:
-Unaffected (or are they really affected?) characters will wake up to find that things are mostly the same. Nothing's different with the Satellite of Love, they haven't changed into anything, and everything is basically as it used to be...except for three things. One is that there seems to be a lot less people on the ship.

The second? appears that the Mads are up here with them instead of Mike and the Bots! And they're nice!? Welp, it appears that affected characters have been switched out to a mirror universe where the Mads are the ones being forced to watch crappy movies.

And the third is...well, they're not on the SoL anymore...

Deep 13
-...affected characters will find that they're in Deep 13, and Mike and the Bots are evil and wear gold vests and goatees! And what do you know - in this universe evil Joel brought in evil versions of everyone to help Mike and the Bots plot to take over the world! DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN~
-All of the "unaffected" characters who were good on the Satellite are now the complete opposite of their personalities, and are all comically (or seriously) eeeeevil! Goatees are optional, but for those who choose to play the mirror versions of themselves, the eeeeevil part totally isn't...and in this case, book riffs are punishment for not being eeeeevil enough for evil Mike's tastes!
-Of course, if your characters were bad guys on the SoL/Deep 13, the opposite is true if you play their Spockverse version. They're the sweetest and nicest people you could ever meet! And in that case, then they're either stuck on the SoL as the good guys, or forced to pretend they're bad guys in Deep 13 so as to not be sent to the SoL.

Which brings up a good question: if affected characters are there in evil mirror Spockverse...well, they'll just have to find out what happened when they finally get switched back to the right universe, right?
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[personal profile] verygassy 2012-09-10 01:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Area of Effect: Both the SoL and Deep 13!
Duration: One game week.
Event: Mirror of Erised plot. Because every game has one.

For those who are wondering what the Mirror of Erised is, it is basically a magical mirror in the Harry Potter universe which reveals a person's truest and innermost desires. On the SoL, works a little bit differently.

SoL - Characters
-All around the SoL, on the various decks, various rooms will suddenly transform. In these rooms, one can enter the world of the innermost desires of someone on the Satellite - we'll call them Erised rooms.
-Hoe does an "Erised room" work? Well, let's say Mike's innermost desires are to be back on Earth, have a girlfriend and make good money. As a result, when one enters Mike's Erised room, they will find the room's been transformed into a huge mansion, where throngs of girls declare their undying love for Mike and throw themselves on him at every opportunity when he comes in.
-The maximum of Erised rooms one's innermost desires can inhabit is one. No hogging Erised rooms, obviously.
-Are there any side effects to this? Well, two. The first is that characters who have an Erised room develop on the ship will be inexplicably drawn towards their room. As the game week goes by, it will become more and more difficult for them to resist entering it. The second is, anyone who spends too much time in an Erised room, whether or not its theirs, will slowly start to believe that what is inside the room is, in fact, reality, and might not want to leave...

SoL - Decks
-The cafeteria will serve only perfect food. Nothing burnt or incorrect comes out of the machines. And...that's basically it!

Deep 13
-Basically...its become a giant Erised room where Dr. Forrester rules the world and everyone forgot his middle name is Susan. That's all you need to know.
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[personal profile] royal_sunrise 2012-09-19 05:57 am (UTC)(link)
Area of Effect: The SoL
Duration: One in-game week
Event: Wedding week~!

- Characters will wake up dressing in wedding wear (wedding dresses and tuxedos/suits) and a wedding ring/band that they cannot take off. The wedding dresses don't have to be the traditional western style. They can be eastern, Indian, any other style. You also have the option to make them cross-dress for extra embrassment. Also, their normal clothes will be missing during this week, but will come back after the event is over.

- They will also receive a card explaining that they are now married to another character (a planning post will be needed to pair up characters ...or if you want some extra hilarity, you can have one character married to multiple people and cause some hijinks that way.)

- Different levels are changed to match the theme and have wedding decorations.

- The kitchen will serve wedding cakes, sweets and other food that you would find in a wedding.

- Characters who are married with each other may find themselves being all cuddly and super happy (or depressed if they are the type that would never be happy in a marriage). Maybe even act like newly-weds.

- The nature deck will have a lot more roses now and it has an arch-way if characters want to say vows and kiss.

- The theatre deck will be stocked with bridesmaids dresses if characters want to change out of the wedding dress, but be warned... ALL of them are really tacky looking. They will not be able to find a good-looking one, especially not one that would actually look good on them. Also, there are other suits, but those will also be really tacky and awful-looking.

The marriages will become invalid after the event ends.
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[personal profile] verygassy 2012-09-19 04:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Area of Effect: The SoL!
Duration: One game week.

-Characters will find themselves unable to lie at all for the entire week. NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH SHALL COME FROM THEIR MOUTHS.

-Characters' closets aren't touched, so characters don't have to worry about their clothing randomly changing in general. However, characters will find that somehow, they are also wearing a hat on their head that they cannot take off, no matter what they try.

-The cafeteria deck now has a nutritional fact sheet of every conceivable foodstuff and combination that can be gotten from the food makers as its wallpaper.

-Characters on the theater deck may be compelled to sit down to an interview from each other, for the theater deck has turned into a talk show studio! BUT NOT JUST ANY TALK STUDIO OF COURSE!

-All of the books in the library have been replaced with books by various philosophers throughout the ages. Unfortunately, they're all in Esperanto.

-The nature deck animals have all been replaced by giant bugs that speak with Austrian accent. They are all basically harmless, if a little gross, but anyone who stays too long on the deck will either start developing a desire to kill the bugs...or find themselves turned into a giant bug themselves!

-Characters who turn into bugs will also find that their presence around the SoL drives other characters to want to kill them, so be careful...

-Finally, Deck 12 now has random doors that open into police interrogation rooms.
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[personal profile] guardiano_perduto 2012-12-06 06:11 am (UTC)(link)
Area of Effect: SOL
Duration: standard time for an iJAG event
Event: Suddenly, memes everywhere! From the music you listen to, to just simple dialogue, it can't be helped. Everything is a meme in some sense of the word, and you don't even realize it. Everyone's just acting funny, right?

But why does it still seem so familiar...? (NOTE: characters with fourth-walling abilities will still be able to catch on.)